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Synaptol™ Bottle
Synaptol™ Start relieving hyperactivity, inattentiveness, and impulsivity with natural Synaptol. Adults and children can enjoy safe relief from symptoms, without negative side effects.
“We found Synaptol and decided this would be the one we try. Right away we noticed a calming had come over him and he became more attentive. His daily reports from school have improved greatly, he falls asleep faster and stays asleep all night. Thank you Synaptol!”
— Judith W.
Neuroveen Bottle
Neuroveen™ Stop the burning, weakness, tingling and more WITHOUT negative side effects. Begin relieving painful neuropathy symptoms with natural Neuroveen today!
“I had been recommended by a friend to try Neuroveen. I did begin with some skepticism but after only a short time the burning feeling in my feet and hands has gone. Having lived with peripheral neuropathy for over ten years I cannot tell you how hopeful I feel.”
— Carol S.
Respitrol Bottle
“Respitrol has changed my life. After using it for four days, I did not pretreat and went for a 1.5 mile walk. NO PROBLEMS. I could breathe better than if I had pretreated […] This is the best I can remember breathing in my adult life.” — Lisa S.
Safely start relieving asthma symptoms and enjoy normal airflow with natural Respitrol. Safely get relief from wheezing, coughing, chest tightness and shortness of breath.
Anxietin Bottle
Anxietin™ Safely relieve anxiety and stress, and symptoms such as irrational fears, mood swings, nervousness, panic, and tension with Anxietin. Safe anxiety relief for the whole family.
“After taking Anxietin only a short time, I noticed that I was calmer and seemed to be able to concentrate better. I wasn't even nervous at my first meeting.”
— Patricia G.

Welcome to HelloLife, the natural health company committed to supporting your unique health needs. As part of our mission, we offer:

  • Safe, yet powerful symptom relief with our Relieve line of homeopathic medicines,
  • Customized wellness support with our Maintain line of dietary supplements and
  • Free health resources including expert advice, online ADHD and personality type testing, healthy recipes, interesting and informative articles, community support and MORE on our Smart Living Network.

We're proud of our contribution to the field of Life Science and Technology and to the whole lifestyle, Integrated Medicine approach to health and wellness. At HelloLife we're matching your commitment to a healthy lifestyle with the tools you need to achieve it.


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