Stay Yeast Free: Avoid Scented Feminine Products

Most of us have heard that anything scented is unhealthy to use around the vaginal area, but many women have used scented products for years without problems. In today's society, adding a scent to feminine products assures women constant freshness. They are not aware, however, of the potential dangers.

Scented feminine products

The use of any scented article against the vaginal area can cause severe yeast infections. Consider the fact that the area is already tender and open and we are shrugging off dead blood cells, any added scented item would only make a yeast infection worse.

In addition, recent studies have shown that that scented tampons, scented sanitary pads, and feminine hygiene sprays do not always cover up the odor, but instead cause an even worse odor. The mixture of blood and perfume really do not cover up any odor instead can produce an irritation causing redness and itching, leading to yeast infections.

Some women use only a sanitary pad or panty liner containing a deodorant that helps to minimize odor. This deodorant can be an irritant, and frequent exposure to it can lead to yeast production and cause uncomfortable infections. In addition, pads and sprays constantly cause friction which can irritate. Because this is a dark, warm, and moist area, the risk for the growth of yeast bacteria is almost doubled.

Regular products aren’t necessarily safe

Many women know that if she needs a tampon or feminine product in a hurry, another woman will likely have something in their purse. However, products that have spent a lot of time jostling around in a purse usually have defects in the outside wrapper such as wrinkles, rips, or other damage leaving the tampon or feminine product unsterilized. That tampon has been in contact with perfume, dust, ink and other foreign bacteria found inside a purse. But at this point, what option do you have but to use it?

How to avoid infection

There are ways to prevent the increased risk of yeast infections during the time you have your period. Try changing pads and tampons more often, wash and thoroughly dry the vaginal area; this should eliminate the need for feminine sprays.

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