Top 10 Diet Myths: Myth 3, Eating Food Late at Night is More Fattening

Eating a meal or snacking at night has long been thought to be a significant weight loss deterrent, if not one of the main culprits. Fortunately for those of you who get the munchies when the sun goes down, this just is NOT the case!

Popular theories have maintained a suggestion that eating in the later hours of the evening and into the night is detrimental to any weight loss regimen, but new research shows your body does not process food differently depending on the time the food is eaten.

This means the food you eat in the morning will process the same way it would if you choose to eat it at night. Total caloric intake and the amount of exercise you include in your daily return are key factors to true, lasting weight loss opposed to when food is ingested. So, what has caused this rumor for so many years?

This rumor has remained in circulation because many times, when eating at night, high-fat snacks are chosen. These foods will cause weight gain no matter WHEN you eat them, but night is when those cravings tend to rear their ugly heads.

Calories versus time!

In normal life, weight fluctuations can be seen over monthly periods, not hourly ones. Influences based on lifestyle patterns are directly reflected when it comes to weight, whether it's a gain or a loss. This means how much you exercise and eat over a long periods of time will be the determining factor in your weight loss pattern. It is true that at night, metabolism in the body slows down. However, your body still burns calories throughout the night because it is using energy to maintain basic functions of the body. It simply comes down to this: if you overeat, your body will store the extra, converting it to fat no matter what time you consume your meal.

Choose healthy foods!

We have decided the reason late night eating has such a bad rap is because of the foods we choose to go after during those hours. Ice cream, popcorn, pizza and potato chips are all things we reach for when our favorite late night show or movie has just come on the television. Instead of grabbing those high in fat items, (which aren't good for you no matter WHAT time of day it is) grab for fruit, veggies or white popcorn without butter or salt. Herbal tea is another low calorie option that will keep hunger at bay and fill your stomach up making the hunger disappear. Another good option is to increase fiber intake at dinner-like adding beans or grains-which will make your body feel fuller, longer. Read on as we talk about how slow metabolism WON"T be your weight loss downfall.


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