Low Energy Density Foods Help Natural Weight Loss and Satisfy Hunger

For the first time in a very long time one of the biggest trends hitting America and the rest of the world is a healthy one. Over the past decade people have gradually started to face reality and come to realize that the food we eat and the life styles that we live are not healthy and are causing a lot of medical problems. That is why one of the biggest trends going on right now is eating healthier and making positive lifestyle changes.

Between processed foods, foods high in saturated fats, refined sugar, and bad carbs Americans and other people around the world are beginning to suffer from numerous amounts of diseases including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and more.

Because of this, people are seeking out better eating options. One option may be eating low energy density foods. Not only do low energy density foods help with weight loss but the also satisfy hunger.

Facts about Low Energy Density Foods

Low energy density foods fall into four categories: vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates, and proteins. Some low energy density vegetables include: asparagus, green beans, salad greens, broccoli, and zucchini.

Almost every fresh fruit is considered to be a low energy density food. Some carbohydrates include: whole grains, brown rice, whole grain cereal, and whole wheat or whole grain bread, and whole wheat pastas. Finally, low energy density proteins include: legumes, beans, peas, lentils, fish, white meat poultry, fat free dairy products, and egg whites. (1)

There are two things that determine whether or not a food is considered to be a low energy density food. The first thing is the amount of water a food contains. For example, the more water a food contains the less calories it contains.

The second thing is the amount of fiber a food contains. Foods that are higher in fiber take longer to digest, provide volume, and make you feel full for longer periods of time. (1) Since low energy density foods contain fewer calories and are more filling they allow you to eat less and loose weight. These foods are also healthier for you and contain a good amount of vitamins and minerals your body need to function properly.

More Healthy Ways to Loose Weight

Eating plenty of low energy density foods is just one step in the weight loss process. In order to effectively loose weight and keep it off you do need to participate in a consistent exercise program and rid your diet of unhealthy food options for the rest of your life. In addition to diet and exercise some people have also chosen to add natural supplements to their lifestyle.


(1)  http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-living/weight-loss/in-depth/weight-loss/art-20044318

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