Timeout or Burnout: Are Americans Working Themselves to Death?

A Day in the Life of a Busy American

You wake up to your alarm blaring at 7:00 a.m.; you have exactly 30 minutes to get ready for work. You jump in the shower, make a pot of coffee, drink a cup as your "breakfast" and find clothes for the day. By the time you get dressed, it is time to leave.

You continue to drink coffee on the way to work while stuck in heavy traffic. Once you arrive at work, you see a huge pile of work on your desk that needs to be completed by five o'clock. It seems nearly impossible but, if you just skip lunch, you will be able to get it finished.

Five o'clock rolls around and you've made it, your work is finished for the day. You leave work just imagining tomorrow's pile. On the way home, you grab some fast food because you have not eaten all day long and you need to make it to your son's little league game. After the game you come home and watch television until about 1:00 and then go to bed.

It is a vicious cycle to start all over again the next day.

Harmful Effects on the Body

There are so many problems with this scenario that could be leading to the burnout that people are feeling in their daily lives. People are too busy all the time. They do not make time to eat healthy or sometimes they do not make time to eat at all. By not eating regular meals, it slows down metabolism and sends the body into starvation mode.

The Body is Starving

The next meal that is consumed after going into the starvation mode is crucial. If you choose wisely by having something healthy it will not have a negative effect on your body. By choosing a high fat food, more fat (than usual) will be stored in the body because your body thinks it needs to save it because it is still stuck in the starvation mode. This can cause major weight gain and is unhealthy for your heart.

Low Energy

Another problem with not eating regularly is that it takes away from the amount of energy the body has. Even though coffee or other caffeinated beverages are consumed for energy, it is only a short term energy boost that is provided. Too much caffeine is hard on your body and can make it difficult to sleep at night.

By losing sleep, skipping meals, lacking nutritious foods and not getting proper exercise it causes the body and mind to feel burnt out. It is important to make time for eating (and eating well), exercise that will help reduce stress and getting adequate sleep. Each contributes to our body's functions and will make it difficult to perform well at a job and enjoy things that you want to enjoy outside of work instead of just feeling tired and lifeless. It seems like a cycle that is impossible to get out of.

This will just lead to eventual burnout if this type of behavior is continued. There is always time for a small lunch break, no matter how much work there is. Not taking a break can be unhealthy. It will just lead to slower work progress in the afternoon because the body feels rundown. It is possible to get out of the go, go, go rut.

Take time to do things that you need to do, like eating and sleeping. By doing so, it can help improve your health for the present and for the future.

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