What are Pubic Lice?

Do you know what pubic lice are and how to treat for them? Pubic lice are small, light brown, or grey colored insects that live on human pubic hair. They are often called "crabs" because they look like smaller versions of crabs that you may have seen on the beach or in the ocean.

Pubic lice have six legs and pinchers. They use these pinchers to attach themselves to the base of the pubic hair, where they can be difficult to remove. The lice feed by biting and then sucking blood from their victims. They also lay eggs (nits) on the hair, which can be very hard to see.

Adult lice (louse) usually live for less than a month, but a female may lay up to 30 eggs during her lifetime, causing an infestation as they multiply. Public lice are usually found in the groin area, but can also be found under the arms, on eyebrows, or on the beard or mustache. Infestations found in children are usually in the eyelashes or the eyebrows.

How Do You Get Pubic Lice?

A recent study, conducted by the University of Florida, hypothesized that humans, most likely, got lice from gorillas several million years ago. Today, people who get them are getting them from other humans.

Most people get public lice through sexual contact with an infected person. During this contact, the lice can crawl from one person to another. Public lice may be the most contagious STD there is. According to Yahoo Health, if your partner has public lice, you have about a 95% chance of getting them also.

It is also possible to get pubic lice through infested bedding or clothing, since they can live for 24 hours off of the human body. According to the Medical College of Wisconsin, in the United States, there are 3 million cases of public lice treated each year. It is a common misbelieve that public lice can be spread by using public toilet seats. Lice are not able to hold on to smooth surfaces, making this nearly impossible.

Symptoms of Pubic Lice

The most obvious symptom of public lice is seeing the visible lice on your pubic hair. Another symptom is itching, which usually happens within 5 days after being infested. You may also notice black powder in your underwear from the lice droppings. It is also possible that you will be able to see small blue marks on areas where you have been bitten by the lice.

Treatment of Pubic Lice

Having pubic lice can be uncomfortable and embarrassing! Luckily, there are methods of treatment. Public lice should be treated as soon as possible to prevent spreading the lice to others. To successfully treat pubic lice, both the louse and the eggs must be killed. This can be done using over the counter medications. After treatment, you must also eliminate them from any fabrics they may be hiding on. This prevents them from coming back. There are products for getting rid of public lice that are all natural and eliminate pubic lice for good! They have been proven to work safely on skin, bedding and fabrics.

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