Pubic Lice (Crabs) Natural Treatment Options

Pediculosis better known as pubic lice/crabs are tiny crablike insects that are transferred from the pubic hair of one person to another person during intercourse. Pubic lice can also be contracted and transferred from clothing, towels, and bedding that is infested. It is estimated that incidents of sexually transmitted diseases (STD's) have more than doubled over the past 10 years.

Public lice are just one type of STD that is on the rise. Unlike other STD's pubic lice cannot be prevented by wearing a condom. Once public lice are contracted they are very easy to treat. Most people are only aware of the prescription and over the counter medications available on the market for their treatment. What they do not realize is that public lice can be treated more safely and effectively when using more natural options.

Symptoms of Public Lice/Crabs

There are many tell ways that you can tell whether or not you have pubic lice. However, someone that has been exposed or has contracted public lice may not even be aware of any symptoms for at least two to three weeks. Symptoms for public lice include itching, insect sightings, egg sightings, and lesions and infections. The lice themselves will appear to be very tiny tan to gray crab like insects. The eggs are about the size of a pinhead and are usually yellow or white in color. A special comb is usually used to remove the eggs only because they are very difficult to remove with the fingers. (1)

Over the Counter and Prescription Medications

All over the counter and prescriptions medications are made from very harsh chemicals and contain toxins. As a result it can cause dangerous side effects and other medical conditions. Gamma benzene hexachloride which is also known as Lindane is one of the commonly prescribed medications to treat lice. If this medication is not used properly it can cause temporary and permanently damage the central nervous system. People that have used the medication multiple times have found that it has lead to brain damage, paralysis, and seizures. (2) Other side effects of Lindane include rash and skin irritation.

Natural Treatments for Public Lice/Crabs

The pubic region is a very sensitive area so it seems very odd that anyone would want to use medication that contains very harsh chemicals and toxins there when there really isn't any reason too. There are very gentle, safe, and effective natural treatments on the market that cure and prevent re-infestations of public lice just as well if not better than the other the counter and prescription medications.




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