Natural Treatment Options for Pubic Lice

Contracting Public Lice

Pubic lice (also known as crabs) are tiny six legged creatures that primarily live in pubic hair and feed upon blood of humans.

While lice are primarily found in the pubic area, they have been known to live in other coarse, hairy areas of the body. If lice are found living on the head, they are considered head lice.

Pubic lice are a worldwide common infection and are known to be a sexually transmitted disease (STD) that can be transmitted through physical, sexual contact.

Over time, pubic lice have built up a resistance to the chemicals that have been known to kill them in the past, so new removal methods have been sought out. While they can be a difficult situation to live with, there are more natural options that can eliminate this infection.

Naturally Removing the Problem

The first step in removing pubic lice is to kill the infection at its source. The most frequent alternative remedy to kill lice is to cover the problem area with a thick cream or oil. Some effective products found around the house are mayonnaise, olive oil, or vegetable oil. Once the area is coated, the lice will begin to suffocate and can be combed out using a lice comb.

Australian tea tree oil is another good alternative treatment for lice removal. This oil has unique anti-fungal and anti-vermicidal properties. Using a conditioner with a high percentage of tea tree oil can also help to suffocate the parasites if left on for an extended period of time. Once the lice are killed, they can be removed with a lice comb.

Foods: an Effective Control Method

Adding other natural elements, such as changes in diet, can be done by eating foods rich in yeast and garlic. When added to a meal, these foods can be eaten safely and can taste just fine. As these foods metabolize, they make the skin excrete substances that repel lice and make them want to leave the body. While this does not fully remove the problem, it can thin out the number of lice infestation to make the condition easier to manage.

The Hands on Approach

The most basic removal option is also the most thorough, effective and time consuming: Removal of every single insect and nit by hand. This is the most cost effective option, and removes any concern of using any potentially toxic substances. Persistence pays off, as it can take up to fourteen days to pick out all of the lice, and becomes easier if the hair in the surrounding area is as short as possible.This is normally considered a last resort treatment.

Clean the Area

To be as thorough as possible, it is important to take any bedding linens, pillowcases, clothes and towels and wash them in hot water. Once washed, put clothing and linen items in the drier and set on a hot setting. Dry cleaning or pressing clothes with a very hot iron helps to kill any remaining parasites.


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