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Can I Catch Herpes Simplex Off Towels, Cups, Or Anything?

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There are several ways to transmit the common sexually transmitted infection, herpes. Herpes (genital and oral) is a widespread infection that affects millions throughout the United States. It is easily transmitted, if not careful.

Contagious Infection

Herpes is highly contagious because once it reacts with skin it begins to copy itself and multiply. It is spread through kissing, anal sex, oral sex and vaginal sex. It is the combination of skin-to-skin contact with bodily fluid contact that makes it easy to contract. One out of every five people live with type 2 of the herpes simplex virus, some are not even aware of having it because they either show no signs or very mild symptoms that are confused with something else, like jock itch or hemorrhoids.

Can Towels or Cups Transmit Herpes?

Contrary to popular speculation, herpes simplex cannot be transmitted by towels, cups or very many other things. Unless it is skin-to-skin or sexual contact, it is not possible to transmit the disease in other ways. It does seem likely that it would be possible via sharing cups because of saliva, although it is not. The herpes simplex virus is vulnerable on any surface other than skin and needs to have contact with skin to stay alive. Once it leaves the skin it dies instantly. Therefore, bathtubs, toilet seats and other surfaces cannot carry the disease but still can have other types of bacteria, but not related to herpes.

What Increases the Risk?

The following factors increase the risk of contracting genital herpes in most cases.

  • The higher number of sex partners you have. The risk increases with each person added. Not being aware of his or her sexual history can be risky. You should not assume the person immediately trustworthy, as having sexual contact can lead to the development of genital herpes.
  • Having high-risk partners. If your partners have had multiple partners or those who have been infected with the herpes simplex virus.
  • Having unprotected sex, a condom should always be used for prevention.
  • Having an impaired immune system. An impaired immune system is caused from alcohol and drug abuse withdrawal, diseases like HIV, diabetes and cancer; some medications also weaken it. Chemotherapy also weakens the immune system and can be accounted for as a risk factor.
  • Women are more likely to contract the disease and if they have it are more likely to have longer lasting symptoms. It is easier for a male to give a female the disease than vice-versa. A female's genital area is more likely to contract the disease than a man's.

Currently, there is no cure for genital herpes, although it is not fatal but can interrupt people's lives. There are treatments that will relieve symptoms but people who contract it still have to cope with it. It is important to know the signs and risks of it and to be careful when having sexual contact with others, since there is no way to get rid of it completely.



From HelloLife
  • Safely starts relieving herpes symptoms such as cold sores, itching, swelling and fever blisters
  • Provides safe, non-steroidal relief without the negative side effects commonly associated with other herpes symptom relief medications

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  • Smartliving Guest Smartliving Guest

    Thanks that cleared up a bunch of my questions. (No pun intended) Commented on HelloLife · October 23, 2009 at 10:35 PM

  • Amie Amie

    I had a question I have been searching for a babysitter and found one i really like but she was up front about having herpes, i know herpes is sexually transmitted but as a mother i still worry about my babies and think of it often and i was wondering before i hire her should i be this paranoid? or if i hire her am i putting my babies at risk? Commented on HelloLife · June 27, 2012 at 9:29 PM

  • Seth Seth

    I'm no doctor, just a parent, but I'd be paranoid too. Are you talking genital herpes or oral herpes? Chickenpox is herpes too, as is shingles (a latent form of chickenpox), so it's possible she means she's suffering from a shingles outbreak. How old are your children? Do they need mothering, or just watching while you're gone?

    If she has genital herpes, it really shouldn't be a problem as long as she's not rubbing open sores on them. If it's oral herpes, I'd definitely put the moratorium on sharing food and/or drinks.

    Of course, your children's health and your sanity are the two most important things here. If she walked into the interview and said: "Hi. My name is Mary and I have herpes," as a defining feature of herself, I'd be worried about that. Commented on HelloLife · June 29, 2012 at 9:56 AM

  • James James

    I would be worried too. Mainly because our son started showing signs of the virus when he was six months old he caught RSV an we think when they was putting an IV in him. They refused to insert the IV in him in his room in front of me an his mom. Not sure if they was hold his mouth keeping him quiet or not. The tried over 10 time to get one to take finally was able to on his left arm. He not takes medication to keep from having outbreaks on his bottom lip. Commented on HelloLife · August 28, 2013 at 11:45 PM

  • Erock Erock

    This site is straight BS. I caught HSV1 off of a dirty spoon. The person had a cold sore. Popped it. I didn't noticed. Then used my spoon. Dirty, nasty, herpes blister juices all over my spoon. I dumb #$& used my spoon because I did not notice. 3 days later - - - - of course - - I had a herpe on my lip. So yes it is possible to contract from silverware, cups, chap stick, etc from an infected person. Please do not trust this site Commented on HelloLife · March 22, 2015 at 3:20 AM

  • peters peters

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  • deey deey

    I have tried so many remedy on my herpes because i was diagnose few years ago which my doctor gave me some medication and all i get is regular outbreaks but when i contacted Dr ighalo and told him about my problems. he gave me an herbal remedy and asked me to take it for just few weeks which i did and today i am cured using his herbal remedy according to his prescription. do write to him through his email: drighalo@yahoo.com or call +2349051856995 to be cure. Commented on HelloLife · November 26, 2016 at 5:27 PM

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