Can A Brazilian Wax Protect Me From Crabs?

A Brazilian wax will not protect you from crabs. This is a blatant untruth. The fact is that pubic lice can affect any area of the body that has hair, including body hair, armpit hair, and eyebrows.

The Brazilian Wax

Brazilian waxing, also known as Hollywood waxing, refers to the removal of hair in the genital areas. The removal of genital hair includes that of the vagina, perineum, and anus. It is common for many individuals to leave a short strip of hair in the front, though many have all hair removed.

The Brazilian Wax: How is it Done?

A Brazilian wax typically requires between 15 and 30 minutes to complete. A Brazilian wax should occur in a private room. In this private room, you will remove your pants and underwear, to lie on a table. This table should be covered with clean paper or sheets. The process begins with the waxer trimming the hair to a length of approximately one quarter of an inch.

A waxing stick will then be used to spread hot wax onto the area (skin and hair both), which will then be covered with a cloth that is pressed firmly to the skin. Once the wax has significantly cooled, the cloth will be pulled in the opposite direction of hair growth. This efficiently removes hairs by the root.

Typically, waxing begins in the front and gradually moves backward. It is common for you to have to move to odd positions for the waxer to completely remove the hair. The waxer will use tweezers to remove any stray hairs. Once completed, the waxer will put lotion on the area to create a soothing sensation.

The Brazilian Wax: Tips

There are several tips to keep in mind that you should consider before deciding to have a Brazilian wax.

  • Remember to ask the waxer what to do about possible side effects, including ingrown hairs, redness, or bumps.
  • Keep in mind that this procedure can be particularly painful. However, it has been associated that frequent visits decrease the overall amount of pain.
  • The hair will grow back. The Brazilian wax commonly and effectively removes hair for a period of approximately three weeks.
  • It is also important to note that the hair must be a specific length (approximately one quarter of an inch) before it can be successfully waxed again.

The Brazilian Wax and Crabs

The Brazilian wax effectively removes all hair from the genital area. However, this does not create the conditions necessary to prevent a crab infection. This is due to the fact that pubic lice can survive on any area of the body that has hair and an adequate food supply (blood). However, there does exist a correlation between the decreased rates of transmission with individuals that have a Brazilian wax. This is due to the fact that there is less hair for the pubic lice to attach to. This does not mean that a Brazilian wax can prevent a pubic lice transmission. There is no 100% effective way to prevent pubic lice. The most effective ways involve the not sharing of personal items and space, in addition to limiting sexual partners to those individuals of whom you know their sexual history.


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