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For Safe, Temporary Relief of: Leg Restlessness • Twitching • Jerking • Burning* • Cramping • Numbness • Heaviness*

  • Daily Relief: Take control of your restless leg symptoms! A daily dose of Restulex helps maintain healthy circulation while defending against symptoms of leg restlessness for better rest and quality of life!
  • Naturally Powerful: multi-potency formula supporting your overall health regimen, incorporating an integrated approach to your healthy lifestyle choices, Restulex is the naturally powerful way to fight back and get back to doing what you love!
  • Naturally Safe: No opiates, no narcotics, no harsh pain killers, and no prescription needed! The natural blend of homeopathically-prepared herbal + mineral ingredients in Restulex are specially designed for potent relief that works gently with – not against – your body.
  • Safe for Use Alongside Prescription Medications
  • Naturally Sweet, Fast-Melt Tablet Formulation
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**Restulex Tablets is not a "Lactose-free" product.

Product packaging displayed may not be current or complete. Always refer to the physical product for the most accurate information.

Maybe there’s a new stressor in your life, or recent changes in diet, exercise, or lifestlye. Perhaps you feel unbalanced or are not getting the sleep you need. Whether your goal is to live a more active life or to get more sleep at night, Restulex has got you covered.

Restulex's homeopathic proprietary ingredient blend utilizes a multi-potency process and works with your body for natural support throughout your busy day. Imagine a return to a better quality of life - with more restful moments!

HPUS Indications for Restulex Ingredients:

Symptom* Ingredient Provide Relief HPUS Indication
Twitching Sulphur
Jerking Bufo
Burning Lilium
Cramping Arsenicum alb
Numbness Causticum
Heaviness Rhus Tox
Uneasiness Chamomilla
Restlessness Pulsatilla
Drawing Zinc met
Pain Viscum

*Indications for temporary symptom relief are based solely on Homeopathic Materia Medica (HPUS) for self-limiting conditions. As an OTC homeopathic medicine, this product has not been clinically researched and is not intended to replace any medications prescribed by your physician.

Unique Dual-Action Support Makes Restulex the Natural Choice

Discover why so many people choose Restulex for safe, satisfying and natural support from symptoms of leg restlessness...

  • Unlike most homeopathic remedies, Restulex uses a fast-melt tablet base to support the body's natural balance.
  • No sugar, alcohol, or added gluten.
  • Fast-Melt Tablet is easy to take for safe support.
  • Restulex provides a safe support formula that may be used with your current health regimen, incorporating an integrated approach to your healthy lifestyle choices.

You can feel confident choosing a natural and safe remedy that will support relaxed legs and a happier, healthier lifestyle.

The HelloLife Guarantee

We're so sure that Restulex if the right choice for your healthy lifestyle, that we offer a 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

A 60-Day Promise

Literally right up to the last minute of the 60th day, period! Please see our 60-day return guideline.

How to Use

Dosage and directions are included on the label.

After opening:
Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight, along with prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

Restulex Usage Guide:

Dosing Guide/Directions

Weight Daily Dosage Size
30-50 lbs 1/2 tablet twice daily
50+ lbs 1 tablet twice daily

Usage: Chew or dissolve tablets in your mouth. For children, crush tablets and sprinkle onto tongue.

Product Instructions for Use

Restulex Ingredients

The homeopathic ingredients used to formulate Restulex are:

Bufo rana, Causticum, Chamomilla, Crotalus horridus, Digitalis purpurea, Lachesis mutus, Lilium tigrinum, Pulsatilla, Rhus tox, Sulphur, Tarentula hispana, Viscum album, Zincum metallicum.

The letters "HPUS" indicate that the components in this product are officially monographed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. Restulex is a unique multi-potency formula that contains three dilutions (10X, 30X, and 200c) of each active homeopathic ingredient, in equal amounts, in one bottle. These active ingredients are stabilized in our fast-melt tablet base to help maximize absorption. Unlike most homeopathic medicines, Restulex does not contain irritating alcohol or sugar, and has no gluten added.

Inactive Ingredients: Copovidone, Crospovidone, Lactose, Magnesium Stearate, Mannitol, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, Sorbitol.

Symptoms Relieved by Ingredients

Product Questions

Restulex is formulated and uses a multi-tiered approach to naturally support against symptoms of restless and jumpy legs and support your return to a healthy lifestyle. We blend natural active homeopathic ingredients into our fast-melt tablet base.

Restulex is an FDA product listed natural medicine, and uses an OTC formulation. The active homeopathic ingredients are officially recognized, as listed in the HPUS and Homeopathic Materia Medica. The FDA has regulated homeopathic medicine since 1938 by means of the guidelines in the HPUS, as per the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Said regulation is conducted in the same manner as that of nonprescription OTC drugs, according to The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM). Restulex is manufactured and packaged following the FDA's Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP).

Dosage and directions are included on the label.

After opening:
Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight, along with prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

Restulex Usage Guide:

Dosing Guide/Directions

Weight Daily Dosage Size
30-50 lbs 1/2 tablet twice daily
50+ lbs 1 tablet twice daily

Usage: Chew or dissolve tablets in your mouth. For children, crush tablets and sprinkle onto tongue.

Product Instructions for Use

For optimal benefit, take Restulex consistently every day, once in the morning, and again at night, or apply externally as needed.

Restulex is designed to work with your body to support against your restless and jumpy leg symptoms. Restulex functions best in a body free of underlying conditions, which can hinder the body's ability to achieve balance. A healthy lifestyle that observes proper nutrition and regular exercise is essential in order to experience the results of Restulex. We encourage you to take Restulex twice daily for 30 days to begin experiencing the results desired. If you cannot see improvement in the first 30 days, you are welcome to take advantage of our 60-day satisfaction guarantee and return the product. If you do see some improvement, however, we recommend that you stay with the program for 3-6 months to receive the desired results. Please see our 60-day return guideline.

A single bottle of Restulex 60 fast-melt teblets. The product's dosage is given according to weight. So, if you weigh 50+ lbs, each two-ounce bottle will last approximately one month for one person, depending on your individual health needs and usage.

Each bottle of Restulex offers a one month supply for one adult. Children may need less, and multiple family members taking Restulex may need more than one bottle per month.

Yes, Restulex is OTC formulated for safe and effective restless and jumpy leg symptom support in adults and children over age 2.

Restulex is made with natural ingredients and is, first and foremost, formulated to be safe. Restulex has no reported side effects or drug interactions, and may be used with other prescription or OTC medications. Restulex is safe for both adults and children 2 years of age and up.

The individual ingredients in Restulex have claims based on the Homeopathic Materia Medica. As a composite formulation, however, Restulex has not been clinically tested.

The ingredients in Restulex are natural and safe, but if you are currently taking prescription medications, we recommend you inform your health care professional about any natural products you are using.

Restulex is not an herbal remedy. Herbal remedies are based on the herb's use in traditional medicine, while homeopathy uses the "law of similars." Herbs use larger quantities of the product per dose. Homeopathic medicines use minute doses of the substance to address the symptoms. Herbal substances are regulated as food, where as the FDA accepts homeopathic products as drugs.

Restulex is intended to safely support against symptoms AND support optimal overall health, while conventional products typically address only the symptoms, and usually with negative side effects.

Restulex is a natural medicine that works quickly to support against symptoms of restless and jumpy legs, but it is not a cure. Instead, Restulex is intended as a component of a healthy lifestyle, safely relieving your symptoms so you can focus on the big picture of your health and life. Choose whole, fresh foods, clean, pure water; and plenty of positive thought and movement, and you will naturally increase the effectiveness of Restulex and the overall health of your lifestyle, and over time find yourself naturally relieved of leg restlessness symptoms.

Because the ingredients in Restulex meet the "Criteria for Eligibility of Drugs for Inclusion in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States(HPUS)," and that the HPUS is an officially recognized compendium of homeopathic drugs by the FDA, Restulex is considered an OTC homeopathic drug. Therefore, it has to comply with the Labeling Guidelines of the FDA. Homeopathic products have been considered drug products since 1938, as stated in the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. It is important to note that, although Restulex is technically considered a homeopathic drug (remedy) by law, its ingredients are natural and safe for supporting your body's healthy balance. Restulex is not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease.

According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), a systematic review found homeopathic products such as Restulex to be generally safe and unlikely to cause severe adverse reactions when taken as directed. Restulex contains no alcohol, making it superior to many other OTC homeopathic formulations in that regard. While some individuals express concern about homeopathic aggravation (temporary worsening of symptoms after taking a homeopathic medicine), there is little evidence for it in clinical studies. Regardless of Restulex's safety, it is always important to inform your health care provider about any self-medication you may use.

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** The experiences expressed here may be from other variants of Restulex and were provided freely without compensation. However, this feedback should not be taken as medical advice or assumed to convey FDA-verified health claims. As with any treatment, individual results may vary. Diet, activity level, environment, age, and symptom severity are all factors which may impact individual results. While we cannot guarantee your results, we DO guarantee 100% satisfaction with your first purchase. If you don’t love it – we’ll refund it!

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