Baby Boomers, Restless Legs, and Herbal Supplements

Every year, more and more citizens reach their 60s. The Baby Boomer generation is quickly leaving middle-age for the more venerable senior status, and beginning to notice other changes along the way:

Almost three-fourths of Boomers don't always get eight hours of sleep, and one in six has difficulty falling asleep every night, according to a survey released in September by the Better Sleep Council, a sleep-products industry group.

As they age, more than half of the women entering their menopausal transition years can expect to experience various primary sleep disorders including restless legs syndrome.

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is a neurological condition characterized by sensations of crawling, burning, and jittering, as well as the desire to move, deep within the legs. These sensations are heightened during stillness and at night, inhibiting rest, deep sleep, and mental acuity.

There is no cure for RLS, and the condition itself is frequently misunderstood. Cases often go undiagnosed, as sufferers do not fully grasp the condition, or doctors do not take it seriously enough.

There are a number of medications that physicians might prescribe for RLS, such as dopaminergics, nervous system depressants, opioids, and anticonvulsants. However, no one solution works for everyone with RLS. A drug that might help one person may hinder the symptoms of another, and certain medications can, over time, lose their effectiveness.

As research uncovers negative effects of certain drugs taken by the Baby Boomers, several people are opting for natural remedies to combat the signs of age and resulting decrease in sleep and energy. For example, some cases of RLS are linked to deficiencies of iron or calcium, or underlying conditions such as diabetes.

Rather than taking a drug to relieve the symptoms caused by these deficiencies or conditions, some might simply take iron supplements, or a natural product to balance their blood sugar.

These natural products can not only work to target symptoms of RLS and other conditions, but support overall health with basic nutrition not often found in the American diet of process, fast, refined, and junk food.

Because of the large size of the Baby Boomer generation, their force in the marketplace of natural remedies and supplements is significant. As the market grows, there will be more and more worthy natural options for sufferers of RLS and other conditions that disrupt rest.

Companies selling these types of products would do well to target this growing market, while Baby Boomers would benefit from exploring the increasingly respected solutions offered by providers of natural health products.


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