What Are The Symptoms of Pubic Lice

Crabs!? Say It Isn't So!!!

Do you think you may have crabs, or pubic lice, but you aren't sure? Outlined below are several symptoms of pubic lice to help you decide if this is what you are suffering from.

First, it is important to know what crabs are. Pubic lice are referred to as crabs because of the parasitic shape when placed under a microscope. They can infect any part of the body with hair, but prefer the genital area due to its dark, moist environment.

An infestation of pubic lice is considered a sexually transmitted disease, but can be transmitted in other ways.

The Symptoms

Intense Itching

Once infected with lice, you will notice an intense itching in the affected area. Symptoms usually appear within one week of infestation, but it can take two to three weeks for fully mature lice to appear. This means that you may begin to itch within the first week, but may not notice lice until several weeks after.

Visible Lice and Nit

Most lice are almost invisible to the naked eye but you may notice grayish, whitish bugs crawling in the pubic hair. Tiny, oval shaped "blobs" that cling to the hair are called nit. A female louse can survive almost a month and during that time lays an average of thirty eggs. These eggs are referred to as nits and can hatch to worsen the infestation. Droppings may also appear in undergarments; droppings from lice appear as a black powder substance, and may be mixed with nits that have dropped off pubic hair.

Possible Infection

Lice bite the skin and thigh areas sometimes leaving blue tinted marks. These bites are the cause of the intense itching. If you scratch too vigorously, you break the skin and are more prone to infection. Blood infections are common among people dealing with an outbreak of pubic louse. It is important to treat the infected area before you become more ill due to an infection.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Pubic lice are diagnosed by a physical exam. It is possible to diagnose yourself from the above symptoms, but if you are not sure it is important to visit a doctor. Once you have been diagnosed with pubic lice, your doctor may prescribe you with a pharmaceutical drug similar to an insecticide. These medications can be extremely harmful and damaging to the skin as well as body. Many of the chemicals found in the prescription drugs are the same found in pesticides used by farmers.

Getting Rid Of Lice for Good

It is vital to begin treatment as soon as you realize you have been infected. You should wash all bedding and clothing you might have been in contact with several times to kill all lice and nit. Avoid sexual contact during this time, as lice are highly contagious. In the end try and choose a product that won't harm your body further!

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