Hellolife Notes Extraordinary Increase In Quarterly Orders For Synaptol

HelloLife® Notes Extraordinary Increase in Quarterly Orders for Synaptol® Natural Medicine for Healthy Lifestyles! Grand Rapids, Michigan,   Short Description: HelloLife is proud to announce its year-old natural medicine for ADD/ADHD symptoms, Synaptol, posted a surprising increase in number of orders for first quarter 2011. HelloLife, LLC is an Applied Life Science and Technology company doing business in the fields of health and wellness. HelloLife has its headquarters at 4460 – 44th St. SW, Ste. C 600, Grand Rapids, MI, 49512. HelloLife announced today it saw an 835% increase in the number of Synaptol orders for the first quarter 2011 compared to fourth quarter 2010. "We launched this product only at the end of last year, with very little advertising or marketing," said CEO and President, Albert Duoibes.  "It's tough bringing a new product out in a market like the one we’ve been in the last year but we thought it had great potential to address an unmet need - namely, a safe relief product for ADD/ADHD.  Customers have spoken with their orders and continue to do so.  We expect this product to be one of our top sellers as there are very few options out there for folks looking to relieve ADD/ADHD symptoms." HelloLife provides thousands of people with natural medicine care and lifestyle products.  The company continues to research the homeopathic field, studying the latest in health, developing new products based on FDA approval and providing valuable health information for those interested in actively pursuing a sustainable healthy lifestyle.  Mr. Duoibes notes, "Everyday there are new technologies and therapies coming online in the natural medicine field.   We’ve chosen to keep our focus on tested ingredients already approved by the FDA.  I believe this choice makes better products in the long-run and gives our customers the safe choices they're looking for". Operated by Ionx Holdings, Inc., HelloLife is focused on delivering over-the-counter (OTC) relief products registered with the FDA.  Each proprietary formula is prepared for efficacy per approved indications outlined in the Homeopathic Materia Medica. Hello life is committed to providing safe relief, nutritional support and education for healthy lifestyle choices. Our products are available to consumers via retailers, healthcare professionals and direct mail.  For more information about the company or our products, visit our website at: www.hellolife.net. HelloLife continues to offer a successful pet health care line to the market as well.  Interested consumers can visit the VETiONX® website at: http://www.vetionx.com/. If you’d like more information about HelloLife or our products, please contact Jennie Mac Anaspie at 616.808.3290 x1028 or via email at jmacanaspie@hellolife.net.

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