Hellolife Expands Its Line Of Natural Medicines

HelloLife Expands its Line of Natural Medicines to Include Supplements and OTC Homeopathic Formulas

Natural Medicine for Healthy Lifestyles!
Grand Rapids, Michigan - March 10, 2011

HelloLife develops successful line of non-prescription natural medicines based on FDA approved ingredients for OTC use.

HelloLife, LLC is an Applied Life Science and Technology company focused on delivering over-the-counter (OTC) relief products registered with the FDA. HelloLife is headquartered at 4460 – 44th St. SW, Ste. C 600, Grand Rapids, MI, 49512.

Today HelloLife announced the expansion of products designed for safe OTC relief. "We are continuing our plans to bring a broader selection of natural medicines to our customers as well as retailers who are looking more and more for these kinds of products," said CEO and President, Albert Duoibes.

The company began with VETiONX®, a natural medicine relief and maintenance care line for pet owners and veterinarians. Pet owners were looking for safe, non prescription choices to optimize their pet’s health and proactively prevent health problems. As success stories continued to pour in, the company took the next step in its product evolution and launched a new company, HelloLife.

Today HelloLife develops and provides products for consumers to:

  • Address individual health needs with nutritional support
  • Relive symptoms and promote natural healing of the body
  • Maintain healthy lifestyles with safe, natural alternatives to synthetic chemical drugs

“We believe in people proactively supporting their own health. This includes a healthy diet and regular exercise,” says Mr. Duoibes. “It also includes actively partnering with your health care provider to develop a long-term, integrated health care plan.”

HelloLife operates under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). These are strict, federal manufacturing processes of products for human consumption, such as drugs, dietary supplements and food. GMP standards allow total documentation of all processes, from production to distribution, ensuring consistency and high quality.

HelloLife provides thousands of people with natural medicine care and lifestyle products. The company continues to research the field, studying the latest in health trends, developing new products based on FDA approved ingredients. They also provide valuable health information for those interested in actively pursuing a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Mr. Duoibes notes, “Every day there are new technologies and therapies coming online in the natural medicine field. Our focus remains on tested ingredients already approved by the FDA. I believe this choice makes better products in the long-run and gives our customers the safe choices they’re looking for.”

HelloLife is committed to providing safe relief, nutritional support and education for healthy lifestyle choices. The company's products are available to consumers via retailers, healthcare professionals and direct mail. For more information about the company or products, visit the website at: http://www.hellolife.net.

HelloLife's sister company, VETiONX, continues to offer their successful pet health care line to the market as well. Interested consumers can visit the VETiONX website at: http://www.vetionx.com/.

If you’d like more information about the HelloLife or Vetionx, or their products, please contact Jennie Mac Anaspie at 616.808.3290 x1028 or, via email at: jmacanaspie (at) hellolife (dot) net.

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