Avoid Bubble Baths & Bath Salts To Keep Yourself Yeast Infection Free

Yeast infections and bubble baths and use of bath salts can easily and frequently be linked together. Doctors are now making the correlation between young children and women who take frequent bubble baths and use bath salts and how often they visit the doctor's office with yeast infections.

Not only the use of these products but the prolong sitting in a hot bath can cause the yeast infection to flare into action. Children love to take bubble baths and play in the bubbles, but fact is that they are usually sitting in the water with which they have cleaned their selves.

This allows the dirt and soap to seep into the vaginal area, killing healthy bacteria produced naturally to fight off infection.

Sitting in bubble baths and bath salts allow for yeast to spread both inside and outside the vaginal area. Other issues and concerns are children are quick to finish their baths and not always dry their selves off completely.

They then put on pajamas over the moist genital area leaving an already moist area open to the growth of yeast. Though this happen to girls more than boys, boys can also have yeast irritation and infections.

The symptoms in girls are often more noticeable. Both sexes can develop redness, and itching, where a girl may likely develop blisters and discharge, boys can have itching and most generally will develop a rash in and around the penis.

How many times have we women come home from work and decide a nice bubble bath is just what we need to relax? We run a tub full of hot water add bubble bath and bath salts, light a couple candles maybe make ourselves a drink and sink into the warmth of relaxation. The longer we are resting in the hot water we are opening ourselves to bacteria which could open ourselves to a yeast infection.

Another important factor is keeping the vaginal area dry, some woman find that wearing cotton underwear during the day and letting the area dry at night by wearing a nightgown with no underclothes allows the vaginal area to dry without being constricted by tight underwear.

Maybe the answer to yeast infections caused from bubble baths and the use of bath salts is to take a warm to cool shower and making sure you are dried off properly without excessive rubbing. It should be said that good sense and personal hygiene are both necessary in the prevention of yeast infections from spreading and making our life uncomfortable as well as embarrassing.

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