Natural Relief for Depressive Mood

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For Safe, Temporary Relief of:
Depressed Mood • Sadness • Low Motivation • Social Avoidance • Hyper-Sensitivity • Fatigue

  • Daily Depressed Mood Relief tablets help promote and maintain your optimal mood and energy levels
  • Natural Formula of 19 homeopathically prepared ingredients provide powerful relief for depressed moods, hypersensitivity, and fatigue while strengthening your body’s natural defenses to these symptoms
  • Gentle, Yet Potent ingredients build in the body over time for powerful relief without the risk of drowsiness, decreased libido, weight gain, or dependency
  • No GMOs or Gluten
  • Non-Habit Forming
  • Easy-Dose, Fast-Melt Tablets
  • Safe for Children and Teens
Love It or Your Money Back!
Try MoodBrite risk-free for up to 60 days.
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Natural Depressed
Mood Relief

Mood + Energy

or Gluten

Made in the

No Drowsiness
or Weight Gain

Safe for Teens
and Children
moodbrite-tablets bottle
moodbrite-tablets bottle
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**Moodbrite Tablets is not a "Lactose-free" product.

Product packaging displayed may not be current or complete. Always refer to the physical product for the most accurate information.

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Are You...

  • Feeling discouraged, helpless, or low?
  • Neglecting responsibilities or self-care?
  • No longer enjoying things like you used to?
  • Operating in a mental fog?
  • Isolating from family and friends?
  • Just "making it through" your day?
Mother with teen

Is Your Child...

  • Struggling at school?
  • Neglecting hygiene and room cleaning?
  • Often sullen or irritable?
  • Hypersensitive to disappointment or critique?
  • Uninterested in hobbies or activities?
  • Spending too much time alone?

Sadness is a burden that makes everything more difficult. Get the help you need and rediscover your optimal mood – naturally with MoodBrite!

Relief When You Need It + Support For Every Day
Positive Mood • Motivation • Optimism • Enthusiasm • Self-Confidence • Emotional Resilience • Clarity & Focus • Mental & Physical Energy

How different would your day be if you woke up excited by its potential? If you looked in the mirror and smiled back at your reflection? If you walked into work feeling confident and optimistic? If you found yourself laughing through setbacks? If you could appreciate things as though they were brand new to you again?

In life, of course, maintaining that kind of positivity is not always easy. From the many small disappointments we encounter, to the biggest, most difficult life events we face, outside factors often work against us; grinding us down, depleting our energy... at times, leaving us struggling just to make it through.

MoodBrite is here to help.

With a blend of 19 natural homeopathically-prepared ingredients, MoodBrite's wide-spectrum formula is designed for potent relief of depressed mood, low motivation, and fatigue – without the risk of weight gain, decreased libido, or drowsiness! That’s because unlike the common lab-created chemicals which work against the body to stop symptoms, MoodBrite’s ingredients work with your body - gently, yet powerfully boosting your natural resistance to the depressed mood symptoms!

Strong enough for adult symptoms, yet gentle enough for teens and children - MoodBrite is naturally formulated for optimal efficacy and safety.

No harsh chemicals and no unpleasant pills to swallow - MoodBrite's naturally sweet, fast-melt tablet formulation makes dosing quick and easy.

Take a simple, proactive step for your mood today! MoodBrite’s blend of 19 natural homeopathic ingredients work with, not against your body for powerful relief that targets a full spectrum of depressed mood symptoms.

Active Ingredients
As indicated in the HPUS (Official FDA-recognized Homeopathic
Materia Medica of the United States) for temporary relief
Aurum Metallicum
Depressed Mood; Dark Thoughts; Heartbreak*
Anacardium Orientale
Mental & Physical Fatigue; Dissociation (Feelings of Unreality); Melancholy*
Calcarea Carbonica
Burnout; Discouragement; Low Willpower/Motivation*
Avena Sativa
Self-Destructiveness; Insomnia; Impulsivity*
Carpinus Betulus, Flos
Aversion to Work or School; Sluggishness; Fatigue
Cinchona Officinalis
Apathy/Social Indifference; Irritability; Self-Neglect*
Hypericum Perforatum
Impaired Memory; Depressed Mood; Shock*
Ignatia Amara
Rumination/Cyclical Thinking; Grief; Social Aversion*
Kali Bromatum
Impaired Memory, Excessive Guilt; Tearfulness/ Low Emotional Control*
Larix Decidua, Flos
Low Self-Confidence, Low Self-Esteem, Low Self-Efficacy*
Natrum Carbonicum
Trouble Concentrating; Brain Fog; Pessimism*
Homesickness; Hypersensitivity; Wallowing/Self-Pity Impulse*
Urge to Isolate; Loneliness; Hormonal Mood Imbalance*
Overwhelm; Hopelessness; Restlessness*
Natrum Sulphuricum
Mood Swings; Effects of Concussion/Brain Injury; Tearfulness*
Hypersensitivity; Anxiousness; Fatigue*
Cimicifuga Racemosa
Depressed mood; Headache from worry
Phosphoricum Acidum
Despair; Nervous exhaustion; Grief; Inability to think; Apathy
Sinapis Arvensis, Flos
Depression; Sadness; Loss of interest

*Indications for temporary symptom relief are based solely on Homeopathic Materia Medica (HPUS) for self-limiting conditions. As an OTC homeopathic medicine, this product has not been clinically researched and is not intended to replace any medications prescribed by your physician. As with any changes you are considering making for your healthcare (including changes to diet, exercise routine, dietary supplements, or OTC medications) it is recommended you consult your physician before beginning treatment with MoodBrite.

Mega Blend Multi Potency Homeopathic

Triple Potency, Mega-Blend Formula – The HelloLife Homeopathic Difference

Other homeopathics just don’t compare. Take the guess-work out of homeopathic treatment with HelloLife’s full-spectrum blends!

Mega-Blends: While traditionally, homeopathic doctors employ a "trial and error" process to select just one, best-suited homeopathic remedy for your symptoms; this process often becomes very expensive, and it can take many weeks, or even months before the ideal homeopathic remedy for you is finally found. -- We think that’s too long to wait for relief! -- That’s why Hellolife homeopathics contain among the most comprehensive homeopathic mega-blends around. By including a wide-spectrum of the most popular homeopathic ingredients for a targeted condition (such as depressed mood), we’ve decreased the guess-work and increased the efficiency of homeopathic treatment. Are your depressed mood symptoms the "anacardium" type, the "kali" type, or more like "sepia" or "aurum?" With 16 of the most commonly prescribed homeopathics for depressed mood, MoodBrite virtually guarantees your ideal homeopathic is inside, and that your homeopathic treatment can begin right away.

Triple Potency: As with the selection of homeopathic ingredients, traditionally, homeopathic practitioners prescribed just one single potency of the one single remedy they selected for the person they were treating. The potency was selected based on the severity and duration of the symptoms – low potency for mild and/or long-standing symptoms and high potencies for severe and/or suddenly appearing symptoms. For greater coverage and efficacy, HelloLife homeopathics provide a low potency, medium potency, and high potency preparation of each active ingredient inside our homeopathic blends.

How would your life change if you woke up happy every day?

Confidence and Energy

Would you find the confidence and energy to apply for your dream job? Would you ask for a raise? Stop dreading work? Tackle your chore-list with ease? Eat healthier or start exercising?


Would you take more joy in simple pleasures? Go exploring in new places? Get back into an old hobby? Learn a new skill? Volunteer or join a club?

Social Life

Would things change in your social life? Would you invite friends over more often? Laugh, play, and have more fun with your loved ones? Strengthen bonds and build new relationships?

30 Day MoodBrite Challenge

30 Days to a Happier You! Start Your Journey Today, Risk-Free with MoodBrite!**

At HelloLife, we stand behind our products. Each and every one is the result of a pain-staking research and development process. “Okay” is not good enough for us!

With its superior natural formulation and the wonderful feedback we receive, we know MoodBrite works. Building natural defenses to depressive mood symptoms - without the risks of common mood treatments – most people see noticeable mood difference in just 30 days!**

How will YOU be feeling one month from now?

Try MoodBrite today, risk-free and take up to 60 days to decide if MoodBrite is the right treatment for you. We’re so sure you’ll love it, we guarantee it! If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll refund your order! (Please review our return guideline for full details.)

**As with any treatment, results may vary. Diet, activity level, environment, age, and symptom severity are all factors which may impact your results. While most people see a noticeable mood difference in 30 days, some see results from the first dose, others may not see results for 60 days, and still others may decide MoodBrite is not the right fit for them. We’re committed to your success. That’s why we guarantee every first time MoodBrite order!

How to Use

Dosage and directions are included on the label.

After opening:
Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight, along with prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

MoodBrite Usage Guide:

Dosing Guide/Directions

Weight Daily Dosage Size
30-50 lbs 1/2 tablet twice daily
50+ lbs 1 tablet twice daily

Usage: Chew or dissolve tablets in your mouth. For children, crush tablets and sprinkle onto tongue.

Product Instructions for Use

Complete Product Use Guide

MoodBrite Ingredients

MoodBrite is formulated with active ingredients that have been selected based on their traditional use in homeopathic medicine, as found in the Homeopathic Materia Medica, for self-limiting conditions. Individual ingredient potency is based on the OTC recommendations found in the official monographs on file with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS).

MoodBrite is intended for temporary relief from sad mood symptoms and to support your balanced and integrative lifestyle, including proper diet and lifestyle habits as recommended by health care professionals throughout the medical establishment.

  • To mitigate the risk of negative side effects, MoodBrite is prepared with a multi-dilutional process. As a safe homeopathic OTC product, MoodBrite is manufactured in compliance with current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) standards.
  • MoodBrite employs a broad approach to homeopathy so as to relieve symptoms in each individual
    • Traditionally, the homeopathic method of treatment has been characterized by a process of elimination in which individual ingredients and dilutions are used on a trial and error basis until an effective resolution is discovered.
    • Administering a comprehensive multi-ingredient, multi-potency formula, MoodBrite provides a wide range of symptom relief, as opposed to standard homeopathic medicines merely using single ingredients and single potencies to narrow down a patient’s treatment.
  • MoodBrite uses minute potencies of homeopathic ingredients to mitigate symptoms and provide relief.
    • With a drastic increase in formulation process technology over the last century, homeopathy has been improved and is now recognized as a viable form of treatment.
    • The formulation of MoodBrite is based upon an intrinsic body response known as the "Law of Similars" to assist natural symptom relief by using recommended dilutions of homeopathic active ingredients.
    • This practice mitigates side effects that are commonly seen in conventional medicines that rely on chemical reactions, which cause side effects as documented in their product contraindications.
    • MoodBrite has no artificial coloring, flavoring, or gluten.

The multi-faceted elements that MoodBrite offers have proven beneficial for many users in regards to individual response and sensitivity. The principle benefit of homeopathy, and MoodBrite in particular, is the ability to experience safe symptom relief without the side effects commonly associated with other medications.

The severity of the condition and other elements of therapy should always be discussed with a health care professional who can provide an accurate diagnosis and suggest an efficient treatment regimen.

MoodBrite's Active Homeopathic Ingredients

Anacardium orientale HPUS, Avena sativa HPUS, Aurum metallicum HPUS, Calcarea carbonica HPUS, Carpinus betulus, flos HPUS, Cimicifuga racemosa HPUS, Cinchona officinalis HPUS, Hypericum Perforatum HPUS, Ignatia amara HPUS, Kali bromatum HPUS, Larix decidua, flos HPUS, Natrum carbonicum HPUS, Natrum sulphuricum HPUS, Phosphoricum Acidum HPUS, Phosphorus HPUS, Pulsatilla HPUS, Sepia HPUS, Sinapis arvensis, flos HPUS, Tabacum HPUS

The letters "HPUS" indicate that the components in this product are officially monographed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. MoodBrite's unique multi-potency formula contains three dilutions (10X, 30X, & 200C) of each active homeopathic ingredient, in equal amounts, in one bottle. Unlike most homeopathic medicines, MoodBrite does not contain irritating alcohol and has no gluten added.

Inactive Ingredients: Advantol 300 (Copovidone, Crospovidone, Silicon Dioxide, Sorbitol), Lactose, Magnesium Stearate, Mannitol, Microcrystalline Cellulose.

Symptoms Relieved by Ingredients

Product Questions

MoodBrite Tablets are a fast-dissolving OTC homeopathic formula formulated for the safe, natural relief of melancholy mood and related symptoms.

No, MoodBrite is not "Lactose-free". The Lactose powder that MoodBrite uses is derived from cow milk. It has been manufactured in such a way that it has had the milk proteins (Casein) or Whey Proteins removed.

MoodBrite is indicated to relieve the symptoms of depressive mood. Clinical depression is a mood disorder in which feelings may interfere with everyday life for a longer period of time. Clinical depression can be very serious and should always be attended to by your physician or other specialist. MoodBrite is not intended to replace any antidepressant medications prescribed by your physician.

HelloLife uses high-dilution (OTC potency) homeopathic ingredients. According to NCCIH, "homeopathic remedies in high dilution, taken under supervision of trained professionals, are generally considered safe and unlikely to cause severe adverse reactions."

Though there is little evidence for it in clinical studies, some individuals express concern about a phenomenon called "homeopathic aggravation." According to homeopathic practitioners, this a rare side effect - occurring when a remedy is particularly well-matched to an individual - in which there is a temporary worsening of symptoms after beginning treatment with a homeopathic medicine. This effect is considered a good sign/ "positive proving" and is typically short-lived. If you believe you are experiencing homeopathic aggravation, we recommend halving your dose size until symptoms subside.

If you believe you are experiencing a rare side effect or allergic reaction to one of our homeopathic blends, please discontinue use, consult your healthcare professional immediately, and then contact our customer service department.

Dosage: The following chart lists our recommended daily dose for average symptoms, based on weight. Depending on the duration and severity of your symptoms, your ideal dose may be slightly more or less than listed here:

Weight Daily Dosage Size
30-50 lbs (14 – 23 KG) 1/2 tablet twice daily
50+ lbs (23 KG) 1 tablet twice daily

After opening: Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight, along with prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

Directions: Chew or dissolve tablets in your mouth. For children, crush tablets and sprinkle onto tongue.

Product Instructions for Use

Crisis Or Jump-Start Dosing: For more severe symptoms or to jump-start your treatment, you may safely increase dosage up to three times daily.

If You Forget A Dose: Take a regular dose as soon as you can and resume your regimen as normal.

MoodBrite is an FDA product listed natural medicine and uses an OTC formulation. The active homeopathic ingredients are officially recognized, as listed in the HPUS and Homeopathic Materia Medica. The FDA has regulated homeopathic medicine since 1938. Guidelines in the HPUS and in the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act determine which ingredients are used for particular symptoms. The system of regulation conducted is the same as that of nonprescription OTC drugs, according to The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH). Therefore, the final product, MoodBrite, does not require FDA approval to be sold for relief. MoodBrite is manufactured and packaged following the FDA's Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP).

For optimal benefit, take MoodBrite consistently every day, once in the morning and again at night.

MoodBrite is designed to start working with your body to relieve your depressive mood. For many individuals, results will be apparent within a few hours of the first dose. Every person is different, however, and the exact time taken for relief can vary. MoodBrite functions best in a body free of underlying conditions. These can hinder the body's ability to achieve balance. Observing proper nutrition and regular exercise is essential in order to experience the results of MoodBrite. We encourage you to take MoodBrite twice daily for 30 days to begin experiencing the results desired. If you cannot see improvement in the first 30 days, you are welcome to take advantage of our 60-day satisfaction guarantee and return the product. If you do see some improvement, however, we recommend that you stay with the program for 3-6 months to receive the desired results. Please see our 60-day return guideline.

A single bottle of MoodBrite is two fluid ounces. The product's dosage is given according to weight. So, if you weigh 50+ lbs, each two-ounce bottle will last approximately one month for one person, depending on your individual health needs and usage.

Each bottle of MoodBrite offers a one month supply for one adult. Multiple family members taking MoodBrite may need more than one bottle per month.

MoodBrite is made with natural ingredients and is, first and foremost, formulated to be safe. MoodBrite has no reported side effects or drug interactions, and may be used with other prescription or OTC medications. MoodBrite is safe for both adults and children 2 years of age and up.

The individual ingredients in MoodBrite have claims based on the Homeopathic Materia Medica. As a composite formulation, however, MoodBrite has not been clinically tested.

The ingredients in MoodBrite are natural and safe, but if you are currently taking prescription medications, we recommend you inform your health care professional about any natural products you are using.

MoodBrite is not an herbal remedy. Herbal remedies are based on the herb's use in traditional medicine, while homeopathy uses the "law of similars." Herbs use larger quantities of the product per dose. Homeopathic medicines use minute doses of the substance to address the symptoms. Herbal substances are regulated as food, where as the FDA accepts homeopathic products as drugs.

MoodBrite is intended to safely relieve depressive mood symptoms AND promote optimal overall health. Conventional products typically address only the symptoms, often with negative side effects.

MoodBrite is a natural medicine for relieving depressive mood symptoms, but it is not a cure. Instead, MoodBrite is intended as a component of a healthy lifestyle, safely relieving your depressive mood so you can focus on your health and life. Choose whole, fresh foods, clean, pure water and plenty of positive thought and movement. This will naturally increase the effectiveness of MoodBrite and the overall health of your lifestyle.

Because the ingredients in MoodBrite meet the "Criteria for Eligibility of Drugs for Inclusion in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States(HPUS)," and that the HPUS is an officially recognized compendium of homeopathic drugs by the FDA, MoodBrite is considered an OTC homeopathic drug. Therefore, it has to comply with the Labeling Guidelines of the FDA. Homeopathic products have been considered drug products since 1938, by authorization of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. Although MoodBrite is technically considered a homeopathic drug (remedy) by law, its ingredients are natural and safe for supporting your body's healthy balance. MoodBrite is not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of any disease.


** The experiences expressed here may be from other variants of Moodbrite and were provided freely without compensation. However, this feedback should not be taken as medical advice or assumed to convey FDA-verified health claims. As with any treatment, individual results may vary. Diet, activity level, environment, age, and symptom severity are all factors which may impact individual results. While we cannot guarantee your results, we DO guarantee 100% satisfaction with your first purchase. If you don’t love it – we’ll refund it!

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