What Symptoms Of Herpes Simplex Will I Have?

Many people wonder after contracting the virus, "What symptoms of herpes simplex will I have?" It all depends on which type of the virus you have contracted, type one or type two. With the type one virus, you will notice infections above the waist and type two will form infections below the waist. Inflammation (redness and/or swelling) are signs of a herpes virus outbreak. Short after, you will notice small red itchy blisters.

Misdiagnoses of Herpes Virus

Sometimes you may find similar symptoms of herpes virus, but it may be something else. Canker sores are small round gray bumps that can look like a herpes blister. You may also mistake these following symptoms for those of the herpes simplex virus:

  • Vaginal yeast infection
  • Jock itch
  • Insect bites
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Ingrown hairs

Genital Herpes

This is a type two herpes simplex virus. With this illness, you will find a group of fluid filled blisters that then break into painful sores called ulcers. The ulcers then crust and heal. During the scab phase, the virus is still very contagious and is especially so when they are in the form of ulcers.

Once all of the scabby skin falls off and new skin is developed, the wound is healed. This process usually takes about several days. (The virus is still contagious even if you're not experiencing an outbreak). Some people experience the rash or small blisters and others experience painful urination. Fluid from the genitals is also possible when infected with the herpes virus. After being infected, it can take four to seven days for sores to appear. You may experience flu-like symptoms as well lymph gland swelling in the groin and fever.

Recurring Outbreaks

Each person is different. Some get one outbreak a year while others get them four or more times each year. It all depends on the health of the individual. Your immune system plays a large roll in whether you get outbreaks and how many you'll have. Some people can be infected and never have an outbreak. They won't even know they are infected until they spread it to someone else and they get the symptoms.

If you are ill from maladies such as AIDS, HIV, diabetes, hypertension or are receiving chemotherapy, your immune system will be weakened. This will allow for multiple outbreaks to occur and can be worse than those with who stronger immune systems. You should try your best to boost your immune system and keep healthy so to prevent future outbreaks from occurring. Sometimes, before an outbreak, you will experience prodrome. Prodrome is when you begin feeling the symptoms of the outbreak days or hours before it actually occurs.


The first treatment for your herpes virus is to change your lifestyle. You should lead a more healthy life and eliminate as much stress as possible. Stress is one of the top reasons for herpes outbreaks and recurrences. After you are eating the right way, your immune system will successfully fight off attacks.



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