Adults With Head Lice

Adults with head lice, say it is not so!

That was my first reaction. When we hear someone has head lice our first reaction typically is thinking, a child has caught head lice. It seems most accurate to assume it is a child since the articles or newsletters we read, and television commercials all seem to advertise using child like sales technique to get us to buy their product.

The sad reality is that head lice do not care if you are an adult or child, man or woman, clean or dirty. Head lice are a parasitic skeletal insect, which thrive from the scalp and hair follicles of humans. The simple facts are:

  • Head lice need human blood to live.
  • Head lice spread from direct contact between people.
  • Head lice do not care about hygiene, they infest in anyone.
  • Head lice can be treated with various shampoos.
  • Head lice can be prevented: simple avoid contact with the lice carrier and his or her personal belongings and treat the infested person and everyone in their home.
  • Head lice will be found most often near the neckline or behind the ears toward the back of the neck. Pediculus humanus capitis is the common medical term for head lice infestation.

Approximately six to twelve million people experience head lice in the United States every year. Although children are those whom experience head lice the most, adults also can become infested through exposure. Head lice can infest on anyone but infestations are rare in individuals of the African decent. Although we do not know why, medical reports have stated lice prefer specific width and shape of hair.

For adults, the experience of head lice can be psychologically troubling, but head lice infestation is not hazardous to anyone's health unless left untreated. Head lice are also do not carry or spread diseases, like mosquito's or deer tics. The best way to rid an individual of head lice and their infestation is to use a shampoo that will loosen the gum like material attached to the hair follicle, also known as the net.

Once diagnosed, you have various options for removing the head lice. The most common is to get a prescription of head lice shampoo from your doctor or an over-the-counter head lice shampoo. However, both of those options have negative side effects associated with the treatment product. Another option would be to purchase an all-natural product with side effects. Natural products that contain ingredients like:

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is known to have powerful properties, which will repel and ward off parasites, such as head lice and nets.


Natural enzymes can break down the louse exoskeleton and nit, causing the head lice and net to perish. Using an all-natural product provides you the reassurance your child is not ingesting toxic chemicals through the scalp. Natural products are hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and they containing the proper needed amount if pH balanced. Best of all an all-natural products can be used forehead lice in the future. When considering all your options, consider an all-natural head lice product.

Photo Credit: Gilles San Martin

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