What Everyone Should Know About Folic Acid And Gout

The quest for finding natural treatments for gout never ends. Now, here's what everyone should know about folic acid and gout. There have been some studies on the topic of folic acid helping with gout and results show that it can help to lower uric acid in the blood.

How does Folic Acid Help Gout?

When you take folic acid vitamins, it neutralizes the enzyme called xanthine oxidase. This enzyme is what produces uric acid, so when blocked by folic acid, it will help to reduce the amount of uric acid being produced in your body. It may also help with the acid that's already been produced in your body as well. It can help with gout flare-up prevention and make it less painful when they do occur.

Does Folic Acid Work for Everyone?

Research has shown that it may not work for everyone. If you have epilepsy and are taking medication for it, it is highly recommended that you don't take folic acid because it may interfere with the medications that you are taking, making it less effective.

How Much Dosage is Recommended

Since everyone is different, there are different dosage recommendations out there. Some say that you should take about 70 mg per day while some say to take as little as 10 mg each day. Others have recommended that 40 mg a day should be taken. So it all depends on the individual and the recommendations by the doctor.

Who is Folic Acid for?

Since folic acid isn't a 100% guarantee for everyone, it is important to talk with your physician before committing to any dosages of folic acid. Like any situation, too much of anything (even good things) can have bad results. You should always get a recommendation from a doctor before taking any treatments. If you are suffering from gout, you can give folic acid vitamins a test-run to see if it will work (after the okay from the doctor). But there isn't a guarantee. Vitamin C has also shown to be a good candidate for naturally fighting gout symptoms.

Downfall of Folic Acid

For some people there have been improvements in their gout symptoms and flare-ups, but for others there are no changes. Folic acid dosages between 10 mg and 40 mg are considered high, so it is recommended to only do it under the supervision of a physician. Now, with that fact, the point of finding natural remedies is so that you can be safe while taking them at home. Taking folic acid can lead to another high medical bill and might not even work for you. Folic acid can interfere with different medications or other illnesses that you are having, it can even cause a symptoms similar to a vitamin B12 deficiency.



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