Treatment for Gout: 5 Tips to Help You Deal With Gout Pain

People who suffer from Gout are all too familiar with the symptoms - sudden and extremely severe pain in the joints (usually only afflicting one joint at a time). This wretched, discomfort may be accompanied by redness, warmness or stiffness in the area of the troubled joint.

Johns Hopkins Arthritis News reported in 2004 that "approximately 1% of the U.S. population is estimated to have gout, the majority of whom are male." Since each subsequent attack of Gout can be more pronounced and may increase in duration, finding relief and prevention tips is paramount to your well being.

Gout is triggered by the buildup of uric acid in your system. These tips will provide some direction about reducing the factors that cause uric acid.

Tip #1 Limit the Use of Alcohol

According to many studies, drinking alcohol, especially beer, will trigger an increase in the uric acid circulating through your body. For an individual prone to Gout attacks, this will not bode well. This increase (in uric acid) will eventually form crystals in your joints, which in turn, leads to continued, or recurring, gout attacks. Ideally, avoiding alcohol completely would be suggested. If that's not an option, experts recommend no more than one drink per day for females and 2 per day for males.

Tip #2 Avoid Foods that Aggravate Gout

Avoiding foods that are high in purines will benefit gout sufferers. When purines are broken down during digestion, it results in an increased level of uric acid. Some foods to avoid include animal proteins (especially liver, brain, kidneys, poultry and fish), beans, and dark green vegetables.

Tip #3 Maintain a Healthy Weight

Whatever your health concerns include, being in your optimal weight range is optimum. For persons with Gout, a healthy weight decreases the strain put on the joints. If you need to lose weight, a diet plan that includes gradual weight loss would be in your best interest. Sudden weight loss and fasting can rapidly increase the uric acid levels.

Tip #4 Drink lots of liquids

Fluids are helpful as they flush our system of impurities, including uric acid. To figure out just how much fluid your body needs daily can be very easy. Start by taking your weight and divide it in half. That should be the right amount your body requires. If you're 140 pounds, 70 ounces should be adequate. Two important factors to also consider are the amount of exercising you're doing and whether you live in an arid environment. Both of these conditions would require additional daily fluid intake.

Tips #5 Include Natural Supplements in Your Day

Diet and lifestyle can play a huge role in controlling your gout pain. In addition to these tips, many people have found that including natural supplements in their fight against Gout has notably reduced the level of uric acid in their systems. In contrast to prescription medications that cause side effects such as migraines, thinning bones, heart problems, and a weaker immune system, the natural components found in these products will do their job, without harmful side effects.

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