Drinking Milk Could Help Your Gout Substantially

Studies have shown that consuming milk and other dairy products help to prevent gout. It is recommended to drink at least four cups a day to reduce the risk of gout by 40%. The build up of gout is caused by uric acid in the blood, causing swelling and intense pain.

Does Coffee Lower or Higher the Risk of Gout?

Research was done on 46,000 males, over a 12 year period, to see if coffee could help reduce the chances of gout. Out of that number, 757 men developed gout.

Surveys were given to the men in the study and the results shown that the more coffee the men drank, the less risk there was to develop gout.

By drinking one to three cups per day lowered the risk of gout by 8% while four to five cups per day lowered the risk by 40%. Those who drank six cups of coffee per day lowered their risk by 60%.

How does Milk help Gout?

Milk can help reduce the risk of gout because it helps get rid of uric acid, which then causes the joints to deteriorate, forming gout. So milk can help slow this down or prevent it from occurring.

Drinking one to five glasses of low-fat milk per day can greatly decrease your chances of getting gout.

What Foods can help with Gout?

There's still a debate on whether or not beans, peas, mushrooms, spinach and cauliflower provoke gout. You can increase your chances of developing gout by 21% if you eat an extra portion of beef, pork or lamb each day.

If you are consuming extra seafood meals every week, your risks of gout go up by 7%. This is usually so with men who are not overweight.

What should I stay away from if I already have Gout?

Besides seafood, alcohol can play a part in raising your chances of getting gout.

Another factor that worsens gout and its symptoms are heat and humidity. Heat and humidity lead to dehydration, which can cause gout attacks in the future of sufferers. When gout attacks, it tackles one joint over a period of a few days, likely the big toe, and cause fevers, the chills and rapid heart beasts. The heat causes a lack of fluids in your body (through perspiration) and has been considered to be a potential trigger for repetitive gout attacks.

When living or visiting an area of the world that is hot and humid, you should drink plenty of fluids, preferably milk and water.

Milk and Gout

Since gout is caused by the loss of tissues in the joint from uric acid, milk can help to build your bone mass and get rid of uric acid, preventing gout from occurring. Many studies of shown that milk decreases your chances of getting gout, as well as coffee. You can try drinking coffee and using milk instead of cream to help reduce uric acids even more.




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