5 Quick Tips to Help you Deal with Gout Pain

First, let's talk about what Gout is. It is safe to say that we have all heard of arthritis at some point in our lives. Joint pain, swelling in the feet and hands, and tenderness are all common complaints of arthritis. The most common is Gout when it comes to inflammatory arthritis.

This should come as no surprise, because a diet that is rich in red meats that contain a large amount of animal proteins is often the cause of Gout flare ups. Many of us eat too much red meat, and put ourselves at risk for developing Gout as we get older. Knowing that, this takes us to our first tip on avoiding flare ups and dealing with Gout pain:

Tip #1- Avoid foods with high amounts of purine.

These foods can cause painful flare ups because they make too much uric acid which accumulates in the blood if the kidneys can not break it down.

Uric acid in healthy levels should be passing through the bloodstream, not staying in the blood. Dark leafy vegetables and beans are some of the foods that should be avoided.

Less animal protein in your diet will also help, and some of these foods are fish, liver, and poultry. One thing sufferers can greatly benefit from is drinking more liquids. That brings us to our second tip.

Tip #2- Drink plenty of fluids.

This helps flush our system of toxins and in turn can keep uric acids at a healthy level. So, what formula is the easiest, tried and true method when trying to figure out an adequate amount of daily intake? Take your body weight, and divide by 2. It is that simple!

If you are 120 pounds, then you should be taking in 60 ounces of fluids. Water and juices that are low in sugar are best. If you exercise, take that into account because we sweat out fluids, so we need to take them back in. On that last note, we come to tip #3.

Tip #3- Work Towards Your Target Weight.

Find out your target weight and achieve it by incorporating exercise into your healthy diet. Do not fast. Dropping too much weight too fast makes uric acid levels increase at an alarming rate. If you are overweight, it only puts your joints under more strain, and brings more pain.

So, if you do need to lose weight, the healthiest way to do it is slowly. Talk to a professional if you are stuck on what your diet should consist of. One thing we can be sure to avoid is alcohol. Our next tip explains why.

Tip #4- Avoid alcohol.

We already know that uric acid caught in the blood causes pain. This is because the build up forms these tiny crystals over time, and this is where gout attacks stem from. The best thing you can do is avoid alcohol entirely, especially beer. If you must have a drink, females should not drink more than one alcoholic beverage a day. Males should limit themselves to two drinks maximum daily. Our last tip is possibly the most important one.

Tip #5- Find the best treatment method for your condition.

Each and every one of us is different. A lot of people find the side effects of their prescription for Gout are too much to handle. The most common complaints heard are migraines, weak bones and immune system, and even heart complications.

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