Natural Pubic Lice Treatment Kit

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Riley, D, et al.; Homeopathy and conventional medicine: an outcomes study comparing effectiveness in a primary care setting. J Altern Complement Med. 2001 Apr;7(2):123-5.

Haidvogl, Max, et al.; Homeopathic and conventional treatment for acute respiratory and ear complaints: A comparative study on outcome in the primary care setting. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2007, 7:7.

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Discover the Safe, Natural Shampoo Kit Formulated to Remove Pubic Lice and Nits without Pesticides!


FDA Product Listed
NDC #49726-030-04


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  • Product Rating: ★★★★★ Read Reviews (2)
    HelloLife® Genitrex™ genitrex bottle Eliminate pubic lice and nits with the natural Genitrex Kit. Safe for men and women, Genitrex pubic lice shampoo treatment gently removes pubic lice. 5 stars, based on 2 reviews
  • Safe: removes pubic lice from your body safely
  • Powerful: Dual homeopathic lice shampoo and comb combination that work together to naturally remove lice and nits
  • Simple: applications are simple, safe and can even be used after previously using a pesticide-based treatment
  • Relief: provides relief from itchy, irritated skin and bug bites
  • With NO chemical pesticides: NO pyrethins, pyrethroids.
  • FREE Comb: Free lice comb included!
  • Matching Your Commitment to a Healthy Lifestyle

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The Genitrex Kit is both a powerful homeopathic lice shampoo that utilizes the relieving power of OTC homeopathic remedies and nerve-soothing aromatherapy oils, as well as a premium laboratory-tested lice comb. Together, these work to naturally remove lice and nits while providing relief from the stress associated with an infestation. Genitrex is formulated without chemical pesticides to safely help wash away crabs and nits (use provided nit comb for full effect), while soothing irritated skin. With the Genitrex Kit, you can quickly return to a better quality of life, free of the embarrassment and irritation caused by pubic lice.

Our unique approach utilizes a multi-directional process to safely remove crabs and nits:

  • Genitrex Shampoo for Personal Use
    Natural homeopathic remedies and aromatherapeutic essential oils in Genitrex work together to sooth irritated, itchy skin and frayed nerves.
  • Genitrex Premium Comb
    The Genitrex Kit personal care comb is the key to your success. A premium lice comb, registered with the FDA as a 510K exempt medical device, our comb is laboratory tested to quickly and effectively remove both lice and nits from your body.

As more people raise concerns about the safety and efficacy of pesticide-based crab treatments, the Genitrex Kit presents a superior solution for people seeking relief from pubic lice.

Genitrex: the Natural Choice for Relief

Discover why more people choose the Genitrex Kit for safe pubic lice removal…

  • Essential oil shampoo base provides soothing relief directly to the skin and hair
  • Homeopathic remedies provides relief from itchy, irritated skin and bug bites
  • Follow-up applications are simple and safe, and Genitrex can even be used after previously using a pesticide-based treatment
  • Revolutionary solution provides quick pubic lice relief with NO pesticides!

By using the Genitrex Kit as directed, you can relieve your symptoms and remove the lice. An overall healthy lifestyle marked with an actionable knowledge of safe and integrated health choices is an important first step toward the life you desire.

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About Genitrex
We are here to Match Your Commitment to a healthy lifestyle, supporting you with tools you can use to build your naturally healthy life.

What are Pubic Lice?
Learn more about the growth cycle of pubic lice and nits, and practical lifestyle changes you can make to reduce risk of re-infestation today.

The Genitrex Guarantee

We're so sure that Genitrex is the right choice for your healthy lifestyle, that we offer a 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

60 Day Guarantee

A 60-Day Promise!

(Literally right up to the last minute of the 60th day, period!
Please see our 60-day return guideline.)

Receive a free nit comb with your order of Genitrex

Genitrex Usage Guide:

  1. Apply ½ oz shampoo to pre-washed, towel-dried (damp) affected area. Work into a lather and massage into both hair and skin. Do not add more water. Keep lather on the affected area for 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly after the time is up.
  2. After rinsing off Genitrex, bring the bowl of warm water to a spot you can easily reach, add a splash of Genitrex to the water and stir until slightly frothy.
  3. Next, section hair with the nit comb. Start close to the skin and run the comb slowly to the end of the hair. Verify there are no lice or nits before moving on to the next section.

Swish the comb in the bowl of warm soapy water to remove any clinging lice and nits. When the process is complete, pour the contents of the bowl down the sink while running water. Rinse well. Sanitize the comb with either boiling water or a solution of water and ammonia.

Complete Product Use Guide

Genitrex Ingredients

The active homeopathic ingredients in Genitrex are intended to relieve the symptoms of your pubic lice infestation. All of our homeopathic ingredients are listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States, an FDA-recognized compendium on the preparation of homeopathic products, with indications based on the Homeopathic Materia Medica to relieve pubic lice infestation associated itching and skin irritation. The homeopathic ingredients used to formulate Genitrex are:

Agaricus muscarius 6X, Anacardium orientale 6X, Apis mellifica 6X, Bovista 6X, Causticum 6X, Graphites 8X, Muriaticum acidum 6X, Oleander 6X, Pix liquida 6X, Quassia amara 6X, Rhus toxicodendron 6X, Staphysagria 6X, Sulphur 6X

Essential Oil and Botanical Base:

Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Concentrate
Well known for its traditional use in skin care and treatment of burns, aloe helps to reduce skin dryness, irritation and inflammation.

Anise oil (2.0%)
An antiseptic that lends a pleasant clean scent to the Genitrex formula.

Neem oil (5.0%)
An oil used for many years for its skin soothing properties.

Other Ingredients: Sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Purified water, Glycerin, Wheatgermamidopropyl dimethylamine hydrolyzed wheat protein, Diazolidinyl urea, Sodium chloride, Formic acid, Citric acid


  • Hives (Apis mellifica)
  • Itching (Agaricus muscarius, Anacardium orientale, Apis mellifica, Bovista, Causticum, Graphites, Muriaticum acidum, Oleander, Pix liquida, Rhus toxicodendron, Staphysagria, Sulphur)
  • Scabs (Staphysagria)

Skin problems

  • Boils (Anacardium orientale)
  • Burning (Agaricus muscarius, Apis mellifica, Causticum, Graphites, Oleander, Rhus toxicodendron, Sulphur)
  • Carbuncles (Apis mellifica, Muriaticum acidum, Rhus toxicodendron)
  • Chapping (Oleander)
  • Eczema (Anacardium orientale, Bovista, Graphites, Muriaticum acidum, Rhus toxicodendron, Staphysagria)
  • Eruptions (Agaricus muscarius, Anacardium orientale, Bovista, Graphites, Muriaticum acidum, Oleander, Pix liquida, Rhus toxicodendron, Staphysagria, Sulphur)
  • Inflammation (Causticum, Graphites, Rhus toxicodendron)
  • Pain (Quassia amara)
  • Pimples (Agaricus muscarius, Bovista, Causticum, Graphites, Muriaticum acidum, Oleander, Sulphur)
  • Redness (Agaricus muscarius, Apis mellifica, Graphites)
  • Rosacea (Agaricus muscarius)
  • Sensitive scalp (Oleander, Rhus toxicodendron)
  • Sore, sensitive swelling after bite (Apis mellifica)
  • Soreness (Causticum, Graphites, Rhus toxicodendron)
  • Stinging (Apis mellifica, Graphites)
  • Swelling (Agaricus muscarius, Anacardium orientale, Apis mellifica, Graphites, Oleander, Rhus toxicodendron)

Real People - Real Reviews

** The experiences expressed in the above feedback may be unique to the individual(s) involved. The feedback and descriptions of the products used are not intended to promote any direct or implied health claims. Individual results may vary. HelloLife does not guarantee 100% results.

Genitrex FAQ

Q: What is the Genitrex Kit?
A: The Genitrex Kit contains a high quality homeopathic medicinal shampoo and a premium metal lice comb, designed to remove pubic lice and nit infestation without the use of pesticides. The potent ingredients in Genitrex are blended into a shampoo solution for maximum ease of delivery. The provided lice comb is used to physically remove both pubic lice and nits from the hair.

Q: How do I use Genitrex?
A: Genitrex is a multi-purpose formula for thorough lice elimination. Use Genitrex on the affected area in a simple shampoo application. Use the Genitrex comb, after shampooing, to remove remaining pubic lice and nits.

Q: Do I need to use the nit comb?
A: Yes! After using Genitrex shampoo, sit in comfortable chair in well lit area. Keep a bowl of warm, soapy water near by. Once you're ready, use the comb to remove any tangles and then, working in small sections, run the comb close to the body and slowly rake the comb through the section. Look to ensure there are no pubic lice or nits there and move to the next section. Between sections, swish the comb in the bowl of warm water to ensure it too is free of pubic lice and nits. Once finished, flush the contents of the bowl down the toilet and wash the comb with hot, soapy water to remove any remaining lice. Machine wash any towels, clothing, or bedding in hot water and dry them on high heat.

Q: How soon can I expect results with Genitrex?
A: When you use the Genitrex Kit as directed, you can expect to notice results with the first application and combing. Depending on your individual situation, you may require one or more follow-up applications.

Q: Am I guaranteed the same results as expressed in the reviews?
A: Because you are a unique individual, we can't promise you will see the exact same results as another. Of course, positive results are more than likely, and we do promise that if you're not 100% satisfied, you can return the product to us for a refund. Return Policy

Q: How long does one bottle of Genitrex last?
A: Each Genitrex bottle is four fluid ounces and will yield approximately eight applications. Depending on your needs, you may choose to take advantage of our multi-bottle discount to ensure you can get all the relief you need.

Q: How safe is Genitrex?
A: The Genitrex Kit is much safer than most chemical pesticide-based shampoos on the market. The Genitrex Kit works without pesticides, and our active ingredients are homeopathic. Additionally, Genitrex is blended with essential oils to make it gentle for sensitive skin and bodies. Because Genitrex does contain foaming surfactants, eye contact and ingestion should still be avoided.

Q: Can I use Genitrex with other pubic lice treatments?
A: We do not recommend using other pubic lice treatments concurrently with Genitrex. Genitrex is safe to use after previously using a pesticide-based pubic lice treatment.

Q: Do I need a prescription to buy Genitrex?
A: Genitrex does not require a prescription and is available for purchase now!

Q: Is Genitrex approved by the FDA?
A: The homeopathic ingredients in Genitrex are listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States, an FDA-recognized compendium on homeopathic medicine, and Genitrex is manufactured in a facility listed with the FDA under strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The Genitrex Kit comb is registered with the FDA as a 510K exempt medical device.

Q: How is Genitrex shipped?
A: Genitrex is shipped in plain, unmarked packaging with HelloLife as the return address. For faster relief, call 1.800.875.0850 and ask about next day delivery.

Q: Do you sell internationally?
A: Yes. However, all of our products sold internationally are meant for personal use - up to a 90 day supply of any one product may be purchased. We ship via FedEx® or USPS to all international addresses. Customs restrictions and warranty issues prevent us from shipping to every international location. Customers are responsible for any additional Customs fees. It is your responsibility to check with your Customs Office to see if your country permits the importation of our products. If you are not sure, please contact the Customs Office in your country before ordering a product, as we are not responsible for such charges. For more details please see our International Shipping Policy.

Q: How much does it cost to ship internationally?
A: There is just a $19.95 charge to ship to all international addresses without tracking and a $29.95 charge for tracking your order. Tax and duties for international orders are not included in the shipping charge. A separate invoice for Custom fees will be charged to you from either FedEx®, USPS or your country's Customs Office. For more details please see our International Shipping Policy.

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About Genitrex

The Genitrex Kit supports a healthy lifestyle by offering fast and safe pubic lice relief without the use of dangerous pesticides.

Genitrex contains only high quality, naturally-occurring ingredients, in potent therapeutic dilutions, manufactured under strict GMP guidelines as set forth by the FDA.

Genitrex is part of our new homeopathic product line that offers superior solutions for a wide array of health challenges. We firmly believe in the safety and indications of all our products, which is why we offer a 60 day satisfaction guarantee whenever you try a new product from us.

We are here to Match Your Commitment to a healthy lifestyle, and for those dealing with pubic lice, the Genitrex Kit is the natural way to stay committed and reap the rewards of vitality and wellness.

What Are Pubic Lice?

Pubic lice or crabs (a popular nickname due to their crab-like appearance), are persistent, wingless parasites that nest in human hair and feed on human blood. Pubic lice stay mainly in the pubic region, but have been found in the eyebrows and eyelashes as well.

A single louse has a lifespan of around 33 days, during which it will feed, mate, and lay eggs (nits). Typically, many pubic lice will form a community, or "infestation" where there is hair to lay their eggs.

Signs of Pubic Lice Infestation

Although pubic lice are not a serious health concern, they quickly become an embarrassment and a nuisance. People with pubic lice may experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Itching near the genital area
  • Visible nits/lice eggs stuck to hair follicles
  • Moving lice the size of an "O" or smaller
  • Rash with swelling and oozing
  • Black specks on underwear
  • Itching scalp, eyebrows, or eyelashes

Because pubic lice are so small, they are often difficult to spot. It's easiest to look for nits (eggs) at the base of the hair shaft, near the skin. Nits resemble oblong, gray dandruff and will not budge with simple brushing.

How to Eliminate a Pubic Lice Infestation

Though pubic lice are extremely contagious, they don't spread by flying or jumping. Usually, they are transferred from person to person through sexual contact, though it is possible to get pubic lice through contact with an infected person's bed linens, towels, or clothes.

Crabs are able to live away from the body for up to three days, which is why treatment must address the surrounding environment as well as the affected areas of the body. Mattresses, carpets, bedding, towels and clothing must all be washed just as thoroughly as the body in order to eliminate crabs and nits.

The Genitrex Pubic Lice Treatment Kit is designed to quickly and safely eliminate crabs and nits from the body, and to relieve symptoms associated with crab infestation, such as itchy, irritated skin. Genitrex is a natural treatment and is side-effect free for completely safe relief from pubic lice.

You should remain vigilant against pubic lice while using Genitrex, and take extra steps to vacuum carpets thoroughly and dispose of the vacuum bag immediately. If the crab infestation does not improve or becomes more severe, consult your health care professional, as this may be an indication of a more serious condition.


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The Genitrex Advantage

genitrex bottle
  • Safely remove pubic crabs and nits from your body
  • Soothes itchy, swollen and irritated skin
  • Removes pubic lice without the use of pesticides
  • Free lice comb included!
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A 60-Day Promise!
Order today, and take 60 days to discover why more people choose HelloLife.
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