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Natural relief from respiratory symptom episodes including shortness of breath, chest tightness, wheezing, and congestion.
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Great success with Respitrol...
By Dr. Shalona M. (CO) • ★★★★★

I have had great success with the Respitrol I have given to my boys. My oldest boy has asthma that has acted up on him occasionally, but it is very aggravating. The real test will be this spring when everyone here in my valley starts burning. That is when his asthma really starts acting up.

But I can say that I have been giving him this product now for about 2 months and I can definitely tell a difference. He doesn't go down with asthma near as hard as he did in the past, I haven't had to nebulize him with {an inhaled bronchodilator} but one time, the rest of the time I use colloidal silver, which works wonders with a single drop of juniper oil in it.

The Respitrol has definitely helped my son be able to deal with his asthma better and to have fewer interruptions in his life because of it. I am also using Himalayan salt air inhalers now and that has really seemed to help as well. I will get this thing licked naturally for him one way or another. I am very happy I found your product.

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I had a very bad chest cold and could not breathe lying down...
By Lillie C. (OH) • ★★★★★

I have been using the Respitrol product for a month, and it has really given me very much relief in my breathing. Most of the time I only have to use it once a day. When I first used it I had a very bad chest cold and could not breathe lying down and had to sleep sitting up. And I thought about the Respitrol, and took one dose and the mucus immediately cleared up. Thank you, Respitrol for allowing me to take my short walks again. Oh, did I mention, I am 79 and feel great.

Individual results may vary.

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It is my goal to be rid of all the pharmaceuticals...
By Pat C. (FL) • ★★★★★

I have had COPD now for fifteen years and I have to use all these inhalants, which put weight on you automatically. Extreme cold and heat really bother me and make it very difficult for me to get in and out of stores and shopping.

I saw the ad for Respitrol, which applied to my condition, and I ordered a bottle for trial, as I have tried so many things that did nothing. My Respitrol arrived here about two weeks ago and I started right away with the maximum dose. I have now started to notice a change and am not having to use as many inhalants.

Further, I went to the store and it seemed better and I was not so out of breath, even in the Florida
hear of 91 degrees.

It is my goal to be rid of all the pharmaceuticals for this condition. I can assure anyone reading this
that it is worth a try. **

Individual results may vary.

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I was worried about being on an inhaled steroid for the rest of my life...
By Natalie F. (WA) • ★★★★★

I'm so glad I found Respitrol! I have asthma that requires a daily maintenance drug as well as an inhaler for exercise-induced asthma. I was worried about being on an inhaled steroid for the rest of my life. I absolutely have to have a daily maintenance drug to function. I didn't like what my {prescription asthma medications} did to my throat. I also didn't like the long-term side effects that could occur from using them. I tried {a new asthma medication}, but experienced mood swings, so I knew I couldn't use that long-term either, even though they all worked well otherwise.

I found Respitrol while doing research for alternative solutions for asthma control. I now use Respitrol as my maintenance medicine twice a day. I still use my inhaler for exercise-induced control. This combination works just as well as when I was using the other drugs. I am very happy with it and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good, worry-free way of controlling asthma symptoms! **

Individual results may vary.

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Both the product and the customer service have been great!
By Jamie P. (NY) • ★★★★★

I would have to say that both the product and the customer service have been great. My son is five years old and has had trouble with asthma since he was two. This year was particularly bad and in looking for an alternative maintenance medicine I found Respitrol on your website and thought I'd give it a try. After two weeks of being on Respitrol his asthma symptoms went away. I recently stopped giving it to him for a short period of time and his symptoms returned. I started giving him his regular dose again and am waiting to see the results. My son also has sensitivities to many medicines and does not seem to have any problems with this product.

Twice I had questions concerning usage of Respitrol with other medication/supplements and when I called customer service I found each representative to be prompt, courteous and helpful. Delivery of product was fast as well. I am very happy to have found your website and Respitrol. **

Individual results may vary.

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The Respitrol Advantage

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  • Safely relieves respiratory symptoms including shortness of breath & wheezing
  • Gives therapeutic support for overall health
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