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A natural shampoo formulated for lice and nits without harsh chemicals or their side effects.
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Licenex has been almost a lifesaver!
By Mary S. (Tn) • ★★★★★

Licenex has been almost a lifesaver, as other products haven't worked. It soothes the scalp, too. Thank-you for your prompt service, and the great products you offer. In my quest for good health, you are a great resource! **

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You have an incredible product...
By Linda M. (MI) • ★★★★★

In September my daughter (30), who lives with us, and my granddaughter became infested with head lice. We are pretty sure they were picked up at summer camp.

I searched the web for something non toxic to try. That is when I found your website and your wonderful product Licenex. After 2 applications our family was lice free.

Then my son came to visit with his 3 children all scratching with head lice. The 3 grandchildren used Licenex at once, and again after they went home and they were head lice free. It works and we do not have to fear some toxic poisoning of the kids.

You have an incredible product and we keep 2 bottles on hand. God bless you, keep up the great work. Linda M - a happy grandma! **

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A Godsend...
By Karen M. (OH) • ★★★★★

The Licenex product was a Godsend from you. We have a neurologically challenged child and did not want to use chemicals on her head. I tried some natural products on the market as well as our own concoctions with herbs an essential oils for a couple of weeks. They helped but the problem kept resurfacing. There are 5 in our family so the ongoing eradication was a real burden. We were at the tail end of Christmas break and knew we needed to do something so that we could send the kids back to school. That's when I found your website.

I read through your information and was intrigued. After we spoke and you assured me of the guarantee I decided to try your product. Thank you for your informative consultation and your offer to overnight the product so that we could start back to school with everyone else and not have to explain why we were not there.

We received the product the very next day and went right to work on everyone's heads, spraying the furniture and floors as well as washing the clothes. We did the routine for 2-3 days. I did see (dead) adult lice after the first treatment which I did not know were there. They were the hidden culprits. I saw a few eggs the next day and one more small lice. After we saw a few nits here and there but kept using the shampoo as instructed every 2-3 days and still are after almost two weeks. We are so relieved and finally at peace with this ordeal to say the least! Thank you for your product, your support on the phone and your expertise of handling the different ages in our home. I am a very thankful and satisfied customer.

As a side note, I have shared this product information with the school and they are very interested in a one or two page flier that they can share with the other parents. **

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We haven't had any issues with lice since using Licenex.
By Linda M. (PA) • ★★★★★

Being a pediatric nurse, I know that lice are present 365 days of the year. A year and a half ago, I began looking for a product that not only treated lice, but prevented it from returning. Fearing the possible side effects, I did not want to use the commercial chemical products that are available, so I spoke with a pharmacist for any recommendations. He suggested a few different natural products and I researched from there. After reading extensively about Licenex on your website, I decided this product was my best choice.

Being that none of these products were inexpensive, I appreciated the money back guarantee if I was not satisfied. When I first called to place my order, the customer representative was very polite and very informative in answering all of my questions. I received the product in the time frame stated. My daughter has very long, thick hair. Being that it is made of natural ingredients, I am able to use it every time I wash her hair. The great smell is an added bonus! I know it is present in the school, and I am very thankful that we haven't had any issues with lice since using Licenex. While I appreciate the offer of a money back guarantee, I appreciate the assurance that my child is naturally protected so much more! Thank you! **

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My daughter was lice free after one application!
By Christine J. (CA) • ★★★★★

At the mere mention by anyone in my presence, I am at the store purchasing a lice treatment...just in case. So, when my daughter recently contracted lice it was utter devastation for me. I used a store-bought lice of the only ones I thought existed...and struggled for a week to get rid of my daughter's lice to no avail. I picked her hair at minimum twice a day after the first treatment and every time there were more eggs!! I was so frustrated! I looked up natural lice remedies on the internet and stumbled upon the Licenex website...which was given 5 stars by the Top Consumer Ratings website. I immediately ordered the product and rushed delivery...I couldn't wait to test this out.

This product is absolutely the best product EVER!! I used Licenex and my daughter was lice free after one application and is still free of the disgusting little creatures. This product is a great deal also. You use a fraction of the shampoo in comparison to the store-bought brand and there are so many ways to use it. One bottle does the work of 6 of the store bought products. And, best of all, there are no pesticides!

Thank you Licenex! I will definitely be singing your praises to my friends and family. What a blessing you have been. **

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