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A natural shampoo formulated for pubic lice and nits without harsh chemicals or their side effects.
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The only effective treatment I found...
By Kit R. (NJ) • ★★★★★

I picked up dog mites and nobody was able to diagnose it as such. I found out that one of my dogs had mange and this is where I probably picked it up from. I picked up a product called Defendex for the dogs, at the time the people that sold the Defendex recommended to me a product for humans call Genitrex. I purchased the Genitrex from HelloLife; after 3 days of Genitrex I got more results than I had gotten from 6 months of other natural and doctor prescribed remedies. In 3 days my leg has gone from being swollen and red to having pink skin and is healing. You can actually see where the mites have died off. I strongly recommend Genitrex as it's the only effective treatment I found for scabies in several miserable months of looking for help. **

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Genitrex works.
By Richard C. (California) • ★★★★★

Genitrex works. **

Individual results may vary.

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The Genitrex Advantage

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  • Safely remove pubic crabs and nits from your body
  • Soothes itchy, swollen and irritated skin
  • Removes pubic lice without the use of pesticides
  • Free lice comb included!
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