Fitness Fatigue: 7 Tips for All-Star Motivation

Planned or started an exercise program and ended up not sticking with it? I know you understand the benefits of exercising regularly. You'd like to improve your physique, but you're struggling to find the motivation. We've all been there! Whether it's a busy schedule or simply boredom, there are tons of factors fighting against our workout efforts. The trick is to fight back. Here's how.

#1. Set Specific Goals. Staying motivated is all about using the power of your mind to your advantage. In order to do this, think past the actual movements of a workout and focus on what you are working toward. Do you want to fit into a certain pair of jeans again? If you are building muscle, are you looking for larger arms with more definition? Or, maybe a toned, sculpted stomach is your main intention. All of these things take a series of steps and the level of seriousness you have for them will determine the success of your journey.

#2. Focus on the Task At Hand. Think about your goals before you start your next workout and get excited about them. When you are doing the exercises themselves, your mindset should switch to each motion and maintaining proper form while visualizing the results. Either way, your mind is working with you and for you, instead of against you

#3. Break Down Big Projects into Smaller Ones. Often times, people only have long range goals that take too long to accomplish, and they become bored waiting for them. To avoid this, set challenges for yourself along the way by making smaller, realistic goals. Each time you achieve one, you will automatically feel motivated because you can see the progress you are making.

#4. Get a Workout Buddy. Try working out with a friend of family member that will motivate you to stick with the program and help you to have more fun while exercising. (More on the benefits of exercising with a buddy here: "Buddy Up: The Top 5 Benefits of Group Exercise" and tips from certified personal trainer Cornelius Bounds on selecting the best workout buddy for you here: "Choosing the Right Workout Partner.")

#5. Turn On Music. You can also add music in the background or change the music to give a new perspective to your routine. ( More on the benefits of listening to music while exercising here: "Study: Couple Music and Exercise for Neurological Benefit")

#6. Switch Things Up. Doing the same workout routine over and over again will eventually lead you to a plateau in results and a reduced level of enthusiasm. In short, it will become boring and repetitive, which is not good for your motivation or your muscles. Change the workout by adding new exercises or variations. This is also a good way to see which movements produce the best results for you.

#7. Believe in Success. Although exercising is thought of as a physical activity done by the body, a great workout always starts in the mind. Once you set your mind to do something, it becomes much easier to accomplish. On the other hand, if your mind is unsure or not invested, the task will become much more difficult. With exercise, the right mindset is everything - the difference between success and failure.

The idea is to always focus on all of the things you are gaining with each and every repetition. When you look at it from the perspective of a better physique, more energy, and a longer life, it is impossible not to be inspired.


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