Natural Healing For Rheumatoid Arthritis

There are many self care methods that are possible for the reduction of overall signs and symptoms. These natural healing methods, in combination with all other treatment methods, should be discussed with your physician.

Protect Your Joints!

There are many ways in which you can naturally decrease overall stress on your joints, particularly those that may be sore, inflamed, or painful. Learn to use other parts of your body for the completion of everyday activities, opening doors by leaning on them rather than pushing with sore arms, or picking up objects with your forearms instead of sore fingers.

Regular Physical Activity

It is possible to create a routine consisting of gentle exercise that can improve and strengthen the muscles that surround the joints. By strengthening these muscles, you are improving overall joint function, effectively decreasing fatigue. It is important to discuss any exercise routine with your physician and to remember to start slowly with gradual increases. It is not recommended to exercise joints that are currently inflamed, tender, or injured, as this may lead to further pain or injury. It is also important to remember to stop if joint pain is felt. Try not to overdo the exercise routine, keep it gentle and complete it at your own pace.

Healthy Diet

There is no specific diet designed specifically for individuals with rheumatoid arthritis. However, a healthy diet is always important, as ingestion of healthy foods assures that adequate amounts of nutrients are available to the body, including vitamins and minerals. A healthy diet will typically put emphasis on whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Typically, a nutrient rich diet is associated with increased overall general health. Usually, a healthy diet also includes a supplement, ensuring that the daily requirements of all nutrients are achieved.


Typically, the pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis can be enhanced by the presence of stress. There are many ways to cope and deal with stressful factors. It is up to you to find the way that best reduces overall stress in your life. Some suggestions include, deep breathing, hypnosis, and muscle relaxation.

Application of Heat

The application of heat can provide the body with some ease of certain pains associated with tense muscles. There are many ways in which this heat can be applied, including the use of a hot pad, electric blanket, or even taking a hot shower. It is important to remember that heat treatments are not suggested for individuals that have poor circulation.

Application of Cold

The application of cold usually serves to dull and numb the sensation of pain. There are many ways to apply cold treatments, including ice/cold packs or even soaking the joints in cold water. The use of cold treatments is not recommended for individuals that experience numbness or have poor circulation.

Assistive Devices

There are also many assistive devices that can be used to decrease the amount of stress you put on your joints on a daily basis. One example of these assistive devices is the specially designed tools for the grabbing or gripping of objects than can reduce stress on the fingers. There are many assistive devices available. Discuss these options with your physician.


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