Your Allergies and Sleeping In A Hotel

Allergies: The Unwanted Travel Partner

Whether it is having fun on the family vacation, part of the business trip, or just pulling over for a rest during a long road trip, hotels are an expected part of the experience when traveling away from home. Over seventy million Americans suffer asthma or allergies. When a person is an allergy sufferer, sleeping in a hotel room can become a restless and problematic experience. An average hotel room can sleep up to hundreds or thousands of guests. Various other factors, such as smoking rooms, pet friendly hotels, air fresheners, to even the detergent brands used by the housekeeping staff for laundry, can cause allergic reactions. While these factors can make travel more difficult, there are precautions a person can take in order to reduce the potential of an allergy filled trip.

Preparation and Action is Key

It is important for a person to take note of what allergies that they have before they plan their travel experience. Writing a list of all known allergens is a helpful suggestion for facing potential problems. Once the list is completed, it can be used to devise the best ways to avoid allergic reaction. If there is a concern over the hotel's laundry, bring a towel, a pillow and bed sheets from home. If a person suffers from pet related allergies, it is advisable to not stay at a pet friendly hotel. Animal particles can stay in the air for extended periods of time. However, if the option is not available, request a room that has at least been pet-free for thirty days. When booking a reservation for a hotel, make sure to let the reservations supervisor know of any special needs required for the duration of the stay.

Inspecting the Room for Allergens

When checking into a hotel, make sure to confirm that the room has everything requested, has been thoroughly cleaned, and is a non-smoking room. When entering the room for the first time, do a quick check to make sure that everything is correct. If there are any problems, make sure to speak to a hotel manager, explain the situation, and request to be put into a different room. Most requests can be accommodated based off availability.

Hotels Are Working Against Allergens

One of the newest business opportunities now for hotels is the implementation of allergy friendly rooms, called Pure Rooms. These Pure Rooms include special air filters, purifiers, and charcoal filtered shower heads. While converting hotel rooms to meet these needs is an expensive and time-consuming process, the recognized need to market to allergy suffering guests has become a new incentive among many hotel chains.

The Right Steps to Cleaner Air

While overnight stays can be a concern to the hotel traveler with allergies, there are means to prevent allergens from ruining a travel experience. With the right planning and preparation, staying overnight in a hotel can become an allergy free and a more comfortable home away from home experience.


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