Working with Your ADHD Child's School

As a family doctor, I interact with children who have ADHD on a regular basis. One thing that often amazes me is how great a help some teachers, schools, and districts can be, while others seem like they actively trying to obstruct the child’s development!

Let's focus on strategies to maximize your child’s chances of getting quality help from the school system.

If your child is struggling in school, it is important to remember that YOU are your child’s most passionate advocate. I have seen too many semesters and even years wasted because parents waited for the teachers to set a corrective plan in action for a child’s ADHD. While there are some really great teachers out there who may take the task upon themselves, most just don't have the time. YOU need to be proactive and ask to meet with your child's teacher.
When interacting with teachers and the school system, it is important to remember:
  1. Most people go into teaching because they want to help children. Your child’s school is predominantly filled with people who want to help your child and want your child to succeed.
  2. Budget and time constraints often spread teachers and administrators time, talent, and energy so thin that individuals do, occasionally, slip through the cracks.
  3. Your child’s teacher is trying to keep track of around 30 students.
I like to remind parents of these facts because, as your child’s advocate, it is important to be persistent and firm. Yet, you should also be a team player that understands the limitations your child's school and teachers are faced with. They really DO want the best for your child, but they might need to be made aware of the things with which your child is struggling.
This first point really is the most important thing you need to remember when it comes to working with your ADHD child's school. In my next blog, I'll go over some tips for having that first conversation with your child's teacher.
Stay Healthy,
Dr. Jeff M.D.

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