Supercharge Your Concentration Naturally

There are a number of theories on how to increase the ability to concentrate on a subject or task. This can be done by introducing physical activity into your daily routine, if not already. It can also be done by changing sleep habits and also by trying brain exercises.

Physical Activity

Studies have shown that the best way to increase concentration is through physical activity. Any amount and type of physical activity can cause your concentration ability to advance.

  • Walking around your neighborhood
  • Playing a non-competitive game of basketball, tennis or golf
  • Riding your bike down a trail
  • Swimming laps in a pool
  • Jogging on a track

Each is a good example of physical activities that can benefit your mind and body. The listed examples all have a goal that can be attached, whether it is a time limit or distance. By practicing concentration on each activity, it gives the mind a mental exercise with concentration. It can be a great way to train the mind and body both physically and mentally. Physical exercise is a great way to relieve stress, thus, improving concentration also.

Physical Activity Benefits

Participation in physical activities can give people a healthier mind and requires them to be more goal-oriented and motivated. This is also important to improving concentration. If someone is concentrating on achieving something, it is possible to reach the goal set for them. With physical activity it is more likely to see attainable goals and it aids in the application of goals to other parts of life.

Get Plenty of Rest

Another way to naturally accelerate your concentration is to get plenty of rest when possible. Although physical exercise gives your body more energy, sleep is still necessary to get the maximum amount of energy for your body. Know your limits on sleeping, how much is not enough and how much is too much. Excess sleep can give a feeling of loss of energy in the same way a lack of sleep can.

Give Your Brain a Workout

Performing brain exercises like doing mind puzzles, (for example sudoku), are a great way to sharpen the mind and increase the capacity for concentration. Solving such puzzles with numbers and/or words require a great deal of brain power and can be time consuming depending on the level of difficulty. They can challenge you to think in a different way. They can be a beneficial and sure fire way to increase one's concentration skills naturally. The ability to increase concentration can be extremely important and if it can be done naturally, it is even more beneficial. A combination of getting a sufficient amount of rest, testing your brain and adding or increasing physical activity can be the best way to supercharge concentration.


Photo Credit: Matthew Fang

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