Staying Focused in School

Why Focus is Necessary

Whether you are a student seeking a bachelor’s or master’s degree, PhD, or high school diploma, it is essential to have the ability to stay focused while working to obtain that goal. Focus is completely necessary to the learning process. Many learn best by taking notes and listening to what a teacher or professor lectures about, add the textbook explanations and then tie it all together with the application of it, (for example with homework assignments and projects). That is typically the process of learning; therefore, it is important to stay focused while performing all of those activities. It can also ease the process of one’s learning ability and help with retention of the learned material.

Steps to Staying Focused

Learning does not come easy for every individual and everyone learns at a different pace and learns in various ways. It is helpful to follow some of these recommendations in order to stay focused on school work.

Prepare Yourself

Get organized and be prepared: Organization and planning work hand-in-hand. They both help one to know what they need to be concentrating on now and what is coming in the future. Along with knowing how things are related. Being prepared also assures there to be less late assignments and projects. Writing things down and having materials organized properly will also help prepare for evaluations and examinations.

Organize your Time

Make timelines and follow them. Know when things are due and set deadlines. If you set a goal it is more likely you will stick to it and there is time to review work before it is turned in to assure quality.

Work Space

Have an assigned and neat work space (This goes for school work outside of school). The less cluttered the space is, the less distracting it will be. Make your work space somewhere comfortable, but quiet. Reading textbooks while lying on your bed may not be a good idea because it is easy to get too comfortable and you may get drowsy or fall asleep.


Multitasking worsens focus: Performing multiple tasks while trying to just get one accomplished takes away from the overall quality of the main goal. Talking to others about unrelated topics, using a computer for e-mailing instead of researching are both tasks that can be very distracting and harmful for accomplishment of one task.

Take Studying Breaks

Take a break. Allowing time for short breaks while studying or writing can be beneficial to producing more ideas and better work.

Dietary and Lifestyle Changes

Eat and sleep well. Eating poorly or skipping meals can make you easily lose focus. Skipping meals can be distracting because when hungry, that becomes the new focus, not work. Choosing foods with many vitamins will help you stay focused and on target. Getting the adequate amount of sleep is also very crucial to concentration. Being tired all the time decrease the amount of retention of new materials.

Limit Distractions

There are many factors that can distract a student from focusing on course work. By eliminating distractions and focusing on what needs to be done to reach goals, students will feel a sense of accomplishment and will be more likely to continue to succeed. Learning to focus on school will help a student to become motivated and will produce the most favorable outcome in the future.


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