Staying Focused at Work

It's important to everyone's professional careers to be able to focus on their work. It can be the difference between someone else getting a promotion or what projects you are assigned. Gaining the upper hand on focus can benefit your work life exponentially.

Actions to Take

In any given day, there are so many things that can distract you from doing the best work possible. Thankfully, there are several actions you can take to avoid these distractions. Sometimes it may seem difficult, but to ensure your overall focus and work quality, the application of some of these recommendations may be necessary.

Your Personal Life

Leave your personal life out of your work. This can be difficult but sometimes necessary. Worrying about things outside of work while you are at work will not help you accomplish anything. It ruins your focus and ambition to complete a task.

Sleep is Essential

Get the appropriate amount of sleep (7-8 hours). Being drowsy all day at work will also ruin focus because you will not be at your optimal level of productiveness. Looking tired can sometimes be confused with the look of boredom; you don't want your co-workers or your boss to think you are bored with your job.

Have a Plan

Make a daily plan. Write down what you would like to accomplish for the day. This will help keep you focused and motivated, while helping to establish a daily routine. For daily and repetitive tasks, try to schedule them for the same time of the day each day.

Breaks Are Helpful

Take brief breaks throughout the day. Walking around for a few minutes can help clear your mind and make room for new thoughts and ideas.

Organization and Neatness

Maintain a neat work area. Having too much clutter around you can be distracting to you and others. Try to tidy up at the beginning or end of the day, that way you aren't distracting yourself from important tasks that you are tying to accomplish throughout the day.

Dietary Impact on Focus

Eat foods that will increase your focus. When eating before or at work, it helps to include a variety of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains that will boost brain power, alertness, and focus because of important vitamins. If you eat poorly before or during work, you may feel sluggish and tired for the remainder of the day.

Kill the Noise

Block out noise if necessary. Noise can be distracting for those who have difficulty tuning it out. Listen to quiet music if you find that helpful, or request to sit in a quieter area if possible. Your best work will be accomplished when you are able to concentrate fully.

Why Focus Matters

Being able to focus on your job is important, no matter what your profession. Whether you are a cake decorator at your own bakery or a top executive at an accounting firm, you want to perform your best and produce good work, not only for the sake of your career, but also to build and preserve your reputation.

You don't want to have the reputation of making constant mistakes, because that can damage career opportunities for the present and future. Every job requires the performer to focus and put their "all" into their work. By testing the methods above for what suits your situation, focus can be achieved.


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