Who Can Diagnose ADHD?

Dr. Jeff Chamberlain explains the different levels of diagnosing ADHD and where they can be found.
If you're watching this video chances are you have concerns about ADHD either about yourself or someone in your life.  And so in this HelloLife moment with Dr. Jeffrey Chamberlain, family medicine specialist, I think it's interesting we all want if we think there is a problem we want a report generated to tell me yes or no and what is the solution? So let's talk about what sort of specialists you'd recommend to diagnose and treat ADHD.
You usually I recommend first if you have concerns of seeing your family doctor or pediatrician or if you're an adult seeing your internal medicine doctor and talking to them about it.  A lot of us see a lot of ADHD and are pretty comfortable diagnosing it.  But on top of that we want to make sure that there isn't something else that looks like ADHD or some other core factors such as depression, anxiety, learning disabilities.  In that case a lot of times what we will do is send you to a clinical psychologist, someone who sees tons of people with ADHD and other issues they formerly task looking not just for ADHD symptoms but just across the board, a lot of different things make sure there isn't some sort of emotional problem going on, that there isn't a learning disability or something like that causing the problem.
Well it's interesting, a friend of mine, her daughter was suspected to be suffering from ADHD and that diagnosis was delivered at the school level and the recommendation came from the school "I think this child this needs to be put in a special circumstance and have medications be applied." Is that where it should be diagnosed, at the school level, or concerns released and then brought up to a more professional level?
Yes and no.  Sometimes, depending on the level, sometimes it's just the teacher saying "well I know this kid has ADHD because I'm a teacher I see kids with ADHD I know they have" and that's a good screening tool in a sense that if a teacher thinks your kid has ADHD it'd be a good idea to get it formally evaluated because they do see a lot of people, but the teachers aren't experienced in all the diagnoses that are out there ad they might just be labeling troubled kids as having ADHD.  Some school systems actually have formal testing done.  Like here in Grand Rapids we actually do it through

, they do formal psychological testing, they do formal learning disability testing.  Because sometimes through the school system is actually who's paying for having the final testing done.  If that's set up in your community then in that formal testing through the school system, it would be a good idea because it might be the only way to really pay for it.
Makes good sense, so really the emphasis is on the parent to really take charge here to not just accept the first diagnosis, but you know what? You've already demonstrated that proclivity, by diving deep right here at HelloLife.net where we're all about matching your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.  Thanks doc.
You're welcome

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