Myths About ADHD

ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is not well understood by most people. There are many myths and misunderstandings about ADHD that people hold to be fact. It is important for everyone to understand fact versus fiction when it comes to ADHD since it is a disorder affecting millions of children in America today. It is important for the stigma to be removed from people affected by ADHD.

Myth: ADHD is not really a disorder, it is just regular misbehavior.

Fact: ADHD is a real disorder. Children with ADHD cannot control certain aspects of their behavior, and no amount of punishment will help them. It is important to understand ADHD so that proper treatment can be found.

Myth: ADHD only affects children.

Fact: Up to 80% of children with ADHD will not simply "grow out of it". They will go on to adulthood and still carry this disorder with them, where it will affect their social relationships, work, and even ability to drive safely.

Myth: ADHD is caused by poor parenting.

Fact: No matter how good a child's parents are at parenting, they cannot fix a child's ADHD without help from health practitioners and counselors. In some cases it is possible to alleviate ADHD symptoms with behavior modification alone, but this must be done under supervision of a qualified mental health professional.

Myth: The only way to treat ADHD is with stimulant medications.

Fact: There are many alternative methods to treating ADHD, including behavior modification, diet changes, biofeedback, and herbal treatments including Synaptol. Synaptol has no side effects and is 100% natural.

Myth: If a child can concentrate on a video game for hours, he must not have ADHD.

Fact: Even children with ADHD can focus on something they enjoy or excel at for hours. However, they have difficulty focusing on something that is difficult for them or that they consider boring. Adults with ADHD usually have a few tasks that they excel at and can concentrate on for long periods of time, but their ability to concentrate in other areas is lacking.

Myth: Ritalin, Adderall, and other stimulants prescribed to treat ADHD are 100% safe and effective.

Fact: Many medications prescribed for treatment of ADHD can be very dangerous. Side effects range from mild things like facial tics, anxiety, and nervousness, to severe and dangerous things like heart failure, suicide, and death.

Myth: ADHD is pervasive in American society. It has become an epidemic.

Fact: ADHD may be over-diagnosed. Many children diagnosed with ADHD actually do not have the disorder. A child may exhibit hyperactive type behaviors if he or she is bored, does not respond well to the teacher's teaching style (for example, some children are hands-on learners and do not do well in lecture-based learning environments), has a food allergy, is stressed, depressed, or anxious, or any number of other factors. Many teachers and parents prefer to slap the label of ADHD on a child and medicate him or her, rather than get to the bottom of the issue. If your child is diagnosed with ADHD, be sure to seek a second opinion to be sure the diagnosis is correct. Try alternative therapies before resorting to harsh and dangerous medications.


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