Proper ADHD Diagnosis

Dr. Jeff Chamberlain talks about not jumping to the ADHD diagnosis too quickly without looking at some underlying factors that may be causing the symptoms.
Hey What's up? Barnaby here, so you want to know more about ADHD, you know I'm talking to Dr. Jeffrey Chamberlain family medicine specialist in this HelloLife moment.  It seems that ADHD is a catch all, it's an umbrella and it's easy to just say that must be it when there are other things that it could be right?
Exactly, it's easy to label someone as ADHD.  If this person is hyperactive let's just call him ADHD, but you really don't want to miss something else that's going on and start treating for ADHD and missing something else.  For kids a lot of times we want to make sure do they a learning disability? Do they have problems with hearing or vision?  And so are we chasing ADHD when they really have some other problem?
Yeah because I know kids in my past and it was that they would be the class clowns, that they would try to divert attention from their perceived stupidity because they weren't getting the lessons because of possibly vision or hearing.  And they would just act out and so the teacher wouldn't want to call on them anymore and they would just kind of get pushed through as a marginal student. 
That's right so if we have a kid who we deem as ADHD we want to make sure that we aren't missing those things.  There's a disorder called asperger's disorder which is related to autism and it has some features of some of the ADHD and sometimes people with asperger's get labeled ADHD and they are kind of missing the boat Then it's not until later we figure out it's asperger's so it's important to figure out ou don't have something else like that.
And I mean it could boil down to something as simple and tragic as emotional issues.
Exactly.  A lot of times depression, instability in someone's life, if a kid has a lot of changes going on in someone's life a lot of times that can cause a lot of problems and treating with medications isn't going to solve a fundamental instability that's at home or going on in their life. 
Yeah and even I guess the problems could just start at the table.  Are they having a good breakfast? Are they just having a sugar laden diet?  Do they exercise at all?  There's so many variables here.
Exactly, exactly.  Diet could be an issue, it could be an issue of just the kid's used to doing whatever they feel like and all of the sudden they are nan environment where they have to sit down and they have to learn how to do that.  For adults, can have some of the similar issues.  I've had adults that were diagnosed with ADHD but it was really a drug abuse problem that they had and they got off the drugs and all of the sudden they can concentrate better and do a lot of things that they couldn't do before.
It seems like if you are going to diagnose this correctly, it demands honesty.
It does.
You have to take a hard look at yourself or if you're the parent take a hard look at your kid and be ready to admit to some things.
Exactly. It does.
Well I tell you what, it's all good stuff per usual right here with Dr. Jeffery Chamberlain, this HelloLife moment because we are all about matching your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

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