Diet and Exercise Can Keep You Focused Throughout the Day

Most people associate diet and exercise with maintaining a slim body. But, the effects of diet and exercise on the mind can provide you with a greater sense of focus. These very same food groups provide an array of vitamins and nutrients that have a pleasing effect on the mind.

Berries and the Brain

The US Department of Agriculture sites blueberries, raspberries, and cranberries as excellent sources for natural antioxidants. When a cell converts oxygen into energy, tiny molecules called free radicals are made. Free radicals work to rid the body of harmful toxins when produced in normal amounts. However, when produced in toxic amounts, free radicals can damage the body's cellular machinery resulting in cell death and tissue damage. Antioxidants fight against excessive free radicals. This keeps the body healthy. Free radical formation can impact brain deterioration over time. This can negatively affect memory and mental clarity, which is why daily intake of antioxidants is important. Adding berries to your fruit basket can be very beneficial.

Go Fishing

Because fish is so rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, it is considered to be one of the best brain foods around. Fish also have high levels of choline. Both Omega-3 and choline have been linked to brain functionality. Choline is a B-vitamin and has a positive impact on the hippocampus, which is the brain's memory center.

Eliminate Carbs and Gain Focus

Decreasing your carb intake will allow your brain to operate at higher levels for longer periods of time. Most people eat more carbs than the body needs. Although, carbs are an essential part of nutrition, too many carbs can make you lethargic and sleepy. To make the body work more efficiently it is important to balance protein and carbohydrate intake. Vegetables and fruits are actually carbohydrates, but they are not dense carbs like pasta and bread. Decreasing the amount of breads and pasta you eat can help you focus for longer periods of time.

The Yoga Mind

Much more than an exercise program, yoga teaches the student how to have a nurturing relationship with his whole being. This brand of exercise allows the student to attain balance, strength, mental focus, flexibility, strength and endurance.

Bodies in Motion

The body and the mind were designed to move. When the mind and the body are supported by proper food intake you avoid many of the blockages that lead to disease. If want to get the most from your life diet and exercise can keep you focused throughout the day.


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