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Adult ADHD: What Does Adult ADHD Feel Like?

Symptoms of adult ADHD can vary greatly from one person to another. Symptoms can also be different than they were during childhood. This can often make it more difficult to diagnose someone with ADHD in their adult life. Those familiar with the childhood symptoms of ADHD might not be able to recognize the different symptoms associated with adult ADHD.

Childhood Vs Adult ADHD

  • HYPERACTIVITY. Hyperactivity is not as common of a symptom for adults with ADHD; however, it can still be a problem. Childhood hyperactivity may now feel like being overwhelmed, or having uncontrollable arousal. It may also display itself through excessive talking.
  • IMPULSIVENESS. Being impulsive, as a child, may make you feel irritable or get angry quickly as an adult. You may also say rude or insulting thing without being able to control it.
  • INATTENTIVENESS. Inattentiveness, as a child, may now feel like you do not have the ability to concentrate on simple tasks as an adult. One common symptom of someone with adult ADHD is difficulty in their social life. Difficulty solving marriage issues, family violence, and the ability to parent are often associated with adult ADHD.

Adult ADHD Signs

If you have ADHD you may have trouble keeping a job because you have poor time management skills, or are too forgetful. Poor time management can also make it difficult to juggle your family life and work life. Money problems may also be a sign of adult ADHD. Since people with the disorder often are disorganized and procrastinate; they often have financial troubles. Adults with ADHD often forget to pay their bills, are not able to save money, are impulsive shoppers, and are not able to keep within a budget. Often times, ADHD goes untreated in adults because they have another illness that accompanies it. Depression or anxiety is often treated, but the symptoms of ADHD are not. To have a successful treatment, all should be treated at the same time.

Gender specific ADHD symptoms

There are several sign of adult ADHD that are only found in women. Women might feel they need to do things perfect, in order to feel good about themselves. Women may also feel they need to do things twice as good as a man would do, in order to get respect. Symptoms of ADHD may also be exaggerated during menopause.

How to treat adult ADHD

Whether you are a woman or a man suffering from ADHD, there is hope. There are several things you can do to treat adult ADHD. Educating yourself about the disorder is a good first step to help recognize what you can do to help yourself. There are a variety of simple things you can do to make your life with ADHD easier. Making lists of tasks and using detailed schedules can help you with planning. Eliminating clutter from your home or workplace can help you to stay focused on everyday tasks. Allowing yourself extra time to complete tasks can also be very helpful.


  • Riley Riley

    I have been diagnosed with adult ADHD. I am 59 years old. I have returned to school to finish my BS degree, but I am dirt poor. I earn less than $600 with a work-study job. The last doctor I saw just increased my Bupropion. Its not working very well. I have to force myself to stay on task.

    I would love to try your product. I have Aetna insurance. If that doesn't work could I use a payment plan of some type? I can't do more than $30. a month and only get paid monthly. Commented on HelloLife · July 31, 2013 at 11:34 AM

  • Kerry Kerry

    Hello, After fiance passed in 1999 i was diagnosed at age 24 with ADD and all the thing's I struggled with in school i.e (reading a book or a chapter 3 or more times for class and I still couldn't retain it and I was trying my best to do well to understand it. I always started one project and then another and so on..) so the diagnosis helped me realize I was more of a visual learner then more then the other ways but I learned best with a combination of the learning skills. I realized even though I disliked dental assisting (general/cosmetic and my favorite of the three was orthodontic)I believe I was more in control i was picking up after myself mostly and not feeling like a made but i also had a purpose. My patients loved me and I always got request to be there assistant :) I had applied since I was 18 for My lifelong dream of becoming a flight attendant ,I recieved a call from Delta just after I moved to Florida to rebuld my life after my loss and I've always hated the cold so I had to decline I metally wasn't in the right place nor did i want or could move to Chicago after only a month after moving to West Palm Beach..In one way I was lucky because if I had I would have been furelowed / laid off because of 911 that was the sad part of it. 2007 I was Back in Boston and North West Airlines hired me but I had to go to school in Minni for 8 weeks you can only fail 2 test (under 85 is failing) and retake them and that's for over 18 tests and including the final ,I failed 2 in a week and a half one I just froze on one and closed the book the other I got an 83, so I studied with one group verbally another visually and by myself and I did it I got my Wings. In 2009 2 1/2 yrs later my Wings were clipped after a freak accident and I broke my neck and was less then a millimeter from severing my spinal cord so they harvested bone from my right back iliac (hip) to fuse it to some plates to keep my C4-C5 together. I'm a 2%er i was suppose to be dead or a quad or dead but instead I live in pain more from the harvested area more often but my neuropathy and migraines due to my neck are no joke either but the killer is this ADHD that made me a mad woman when we moved to WI away from my family to be closer to my boyfriends and my angry outburst or my start something here then there and everywhere wasn't and isn't helping either cause then he'd go off on me cause he was in the Navy for 21 yrs on a submarine and use to order but I was alone and my mind was in overdrive I just culdn't focus and it the house was built in 1940 and the people before us had 4 collies and the cleaners couldn't come because i furniture came the dya after the morgage closed so i had to clean the walls floor boards and so on my OCD of germs kicked in and he didn't get. on my good days I was killing myself my bad day's iI was stuck on the couch and I hated myself for not be able to do what he/I wanted or expected to get done from myself..OH and He also has ADHD he's the procrastinating type so I started nagging him which I hated myself for I went to counsleing for pain and it helped in some ways but coming across one of these ADHD for woman check list on one of these sights made everything clear to me and understanding is helpful but I'm still on the verge of loosing the man I love . I want to try this but being on disability and being on medicare/ Humanana so I'm wondering if it would be covered by it?? or at least help with some of the cost?BTW the ADHD didn't bare it's ugly head till my late 30's so I just figured this out and it explains a lot but I need more then that I need something to help besides the adderal which really only helps with the focusing and that's not working with that all the time either. Please if you have any advice on how I can shut up and not do all these things that I do that is ruining my relationship and my life..... Commented on HelloLife · June 25, 2015 at 4:01 AM

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