ADHD and Paralysis of Will

Dr. Jeff Chamberlain talks about "Paralysis of Will" as it pertains to ADHD.
Hey what's up? Barnaby here in this addition of, what we are going to be talking about is paralysis of will what's that you ask? Well a good person to probe that with is Dr. Jeffrey Chamberlain family medicine specialist, and it all has to do with ADHD right doc?
Yeah paralysis of will or sometimes it called paralysis of ADHD or ADHD paralysis is more of a concept out there that we are learning more about and there are a lot of people, adults really, with ADHD where there's things that they want to do and they know that they should do, but there is almost like a block where they can't do it and some good examples are I've had a patient say with their dishes, their dishes are piling up in their kitchen and they know they need to do it, they think their kitchen is disgusting, so they go to o the dishes then they get focused on something else and focused on something else so this one issue of doing the dishes...
Never finish the task.
They never finish it and there is like a block to them and I've had some patients with doing their bills, their taxes, and now the IRS is after them, they know the IRS is after them, and they start doing their taxes and end up doing something else.  It's almost like a procrastination gone crazy because there is just like a block there.  And sometimes when they get treatment they're able to kind of get through that and now there isn't that block and they can do things that they want to do and they know they need to do.
So it might be just one specific action, they can do other things fully well but it's just this one or two or three different things that it's almost like they're adverse to it. 
Exactly that's what it is. 
Huh so would that be existent in children as well as adults?
It's probably in children to some extent, but it's a newer concept that we are learning more about we really see recorded a lot more in adults than in the kids.  That either means it's not in the kids or it's harder to get from kids what's going on in their mind and some person just forces them to do something they end up doing it because they're so holding them there until they do it we don't figure that out yet.  I think in the next five to ten years we will learn a whole lot more about this than we do right now. 
So could it be just a singular manifestation, I mean, not hyperactive, not flitting about, rather cannot stay focused on a couple of different tasks and that would be the only indication the person might be suffering from ADHD?
Well there still would be the other criteria for ADHD so they'd still have that, a lot of times with the adults though they have other usually really intelligent or they have other things  where they learn to manage their ADHD in other ways so they've never been formally diagnosed, but now there are these couple things that are just causing huge problems in their life and when we start looking into everything we realize they have ADHD they're just coping really well everywhere else except  these one or two issues. 
Okay well you know what?  The fact that you are watching this video means you've got questions about this very thing and that's a good choice for you to come to because we are all about matching your commitment to a healthy lifestyle, we're listening endlessly to the comments that come in here to the site to make sure we address the things that concern you.  So tell all your friends about it, thanks doc.
You're welcome

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