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For Safe, Temporary Relief of: Fatigue • Weakness • Brain Fog • Forgetfulness • Feeling ill health • Depressed Mood • Low Motivation

  • Daily Relief: Take control and make the most of your day today! A daily dose of Activive helps maintain optimal energy, focus, and motivation to support your personal best.
  • Naturally Powerful: With a blend of 21 renowned and clinically-used homeopathic ingredients, Activive is the naturally powerful way to fight back against symptoms of fatigue and low motivation.
  • Naturally Safe: No steroids, stimulants, no caffeine, no guarana, and no prescription needed! The natural blend of homeopathically-prepared herbal + mineral ingredients in Activive are specially designed for potent relief that works gently with your body.
  • Formulated for Adults & Children
  • Naturally Sweet, Easy Dose, Fast-Melt Tablet Formulation
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Woman Mental Fog

Clear the mental fog.

You think more clearly, make fewer mistakes. As a result, you feel confident throughout the day. Be awake and alert, ready for anything.

How much better would your day be with your mind at its sharpest?

Couple Problem Solving

Find your motivation.

Get back into your hobbies. Start planning that garden. Dust off your cookbooks for a dinner party. Push through work and school projects. Imagine how much you could accomplish with more energy.

Man Exercising

Do what you want to do.

With renewed vitality, you can do more of what you want to do, whether that’s running a marathon or just tidying up around the house. Power through things that left you winded before. Think of what you could do with more strength.

Relief When You Need It + Support For Every Day


Sometimes you just can't seem to find the energy to do anything. You feel like you should be up and ready to face the day, but your arms and legs feel like they're weighed down, and moving is hard. You might've had a rough time getting to sleep last night, or you're feeling overworked, or maybe you just feel like this and you don't know why. Mentally, you're in a fog, groggy and unhappy. Concentration is impossible. It might feel like you're the only one unable to function due to lack of energy, that you must just be lazy.

You aren't! That's fatigue, dragging you down and making life difficult. It isn't your fault.

Fatigue is extremely common: as much as a third of the population in the United States is struggling with frequent, debilitating bouts of fatigue. It has an amazingly negative effect on your mind and body, too. It can increase forgetfulness, make concentration difficult, and raise your chances of getting sick. It leaves you too tired and unfocused to do what you want to do with your life. Work and school feel miserable. Entertaining friends, going shopping, and even working around the house becomes a problem when you don't have energy. Fatigue makes everyday activities a challenge. You're tired, and tired of being tired.

With a natural blend of clinically-used homeopathic ingredients, Activive’s wide-spectrum OTC formula is designed for potent, yet gentle action against fatigue and related symptoms. No harsh chemicals and no unpleasant pills to swallow. Indicated for fast-acting, temporary symptom relief, Activive’s naturally sweet, fast-melt tablet formulation makes dosing quick and easy. Without the risks of synthetic medications, Activive delivers 24-hour defense against fatigue, and support for optimal mental and physical performance.

How much more could you accomplish with a little added support?

Find out for yourself with a simple, proactive step for optimal endurance today!

Nature’s Most Powerful Energy Boosters!

No risky synthetics in here! Activive uses natural homeopathically-prepared ingredients to deliver powerful symptom relief that’s gentle on the body. Functioning similarly to a vaccine, Activive’s ingredients were selected for their natural ability to mimic fatigue symptoms. These ingredients are then diluted and potentized in accordance with homeopathic tradition – rendering them harmless while activating their energetic function in the body! With a blend of 21 active homeopathic ingredients, Activive helps build the body’s natural resistance to fatigue and wide-spectrum of related symptoms:

Symptom* Ingredient Provide Relief HPUS Indication
Fatigue Ambra grisea, Argentum nitricum, Aurum metallicum, Silicea
Weakness Gelsemium sempervirens, Phosphorus,
Brain Fog Caladium seguinum, Phosphoricum acidum, Avena sativa
Forgetfulness Calcarea carbonica, Selenium metallicum
General Feeling of Ill Health Alfalfa, Lycopodium clavatum, Nux moschata
Hypersensitivity Natrum muriaticum, Gelsemium sempervirens, Ignatia amara
Depressed Mood Anacardium orientale, Kali phosphoricum, Cocculus indicus
Apathy Argentum nitricum, Gelsemium sempervirens
Low Motivation Lycopodium clavatum, Sepia, Sulphur

*Indications for temporary symptom relief are based solely on Homeopathic Materia Medica (HPUS) for self-limiting conditions. As an OTC homeopathic medicine, this product has not been clinically researched and is not intended to replace any medications prescribed by your physician. As with any changes you are considering making for your healthcare (including changes to diet, exercise routine, dietary supplements, or OTC medications) it is recommended you consult your physician before beginning treatment with Activive.

What People Are Saying…

I had more energy than I have had in months!
Rita P. (OK)

Activive has changed my life. A few months back I was experiencing extreme fatigue and body aches. I love to exercise so the body aches were very disturbing to me. I do have a pretty high stressed job but have always been able to handle the day to day stress. I began searching on the Internet about fatigue and body aches and that was when I found Activive. I called the number online and talked with a sales representative who convinced me to try Activive for at least 30 days. After two weeks I began to feel a difference, the body aches started going away, I had more energy than I have had in months. What I really like is that Activive is not an instant boost, it doesn't pick you up and five hours later you crash. I love Activive, and have and still do recommend it to friends and family experiencing the same symptoms that I did.**

Individual results may vary.

It has helped me feel the best I've ever felt since being diagnosed with CFS.
Rosalia W. (New Jersey)

This product truly works. I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for many, many years and I have tried other products available in the hopes of feeling better since there is no cure for this. I honestly did not think that this product would make any kind of difference (or even a difference worth mentioning) but decided I had nothing to lose by giving it a try. I was really surprised to feel a difference. For anyone who has ever had or currently has CFS, they know the feeling of heaviness and flu-like symptoms that go with it. What Activive has done for me is take away the heavy feeling and flu-like symptoms. I still get the tired feeling that I know comes from CFS but have not had the heaviness and flu-like symptoms that go with it. I recently started my second bottle of this product and hope and pray that it continues to help, as it has helped me feel the best I've ever felt since being diagnosed with CFS.**

Individual results may vary.

I won't leave home without it!
Richard O. (MN)

My days consisted of wanting to just lie down and go to sleep. I would read the paper in the morning with a cup of coffee and close my eyes even though I had a good night's sleep. I could only read a few pages of a book and find my eyes closing. I was tired all the time and could hardly do any exercise at the gym. I took OTC energy pills without any noticeable results. I started taking Activive, and within a few days I noticed a remarkable difference. My fatigue seemed to have subsided and I was more alert all day. Now I am alert even when it is time to go to bed for the day. I don't need a nap. I will continue to take Activive and I won't leave home without it.**

Individual results may vary.

I am feeling good all day!
Jaime H. (IL)

I was 58, female, and exhausted! Something was wrong, but "nothing" was wrong. I constantly wanted to nap and had a hard time paying attention while driving. That\'s when I started looking for help. After my doctor suggested a "pill" solution, I opted to look into natural medicines. After taking this for 4 days, I began to feel better! It has been like a miracle. I do not take as much as is recommended, I take quite a bit less actually, but it works so well. I don't need naps anymore. I have no fear of falling asleep while driving, so I can drive again. Best of all, I have the energy to cook healthy meals again, instead of eating quick junk food. I can't recommend this product enough. I would try a little less than they recommend until you get the amount that works. I only need this once a day in the morning and I am feeling good all day! Give it a try, changed my life. Thanks for making it.**

Individual results may vary.


** The experiences expressed in the above feedback may be unique to the individual(s) involved. The feedback and descriptions of the products used are not intended to promote any direct or implied health claims. Individual results may vary. HelloLife does not guarantee 100% results.

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Try Activive risk-free today and take up to 60 full days to decide if it’s the right treatment for you. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll refund your order!*

You've got nothing to lose and a happier, more confident you to gain!

How to Use

Dosage: The following chart lists our recommended daily dose for average symptoms, based on weight. Depending on the duration and severity of your symptoms, your ideal dose may be slightly more or less than listed here:

Weight Daily Dosage Size
30-50 lbs (14 – 23 KG) 1/2 tablet twice daily
50+ lbs (23 KG) 1 tablet twice daily

After opening: Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight, along with prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

Directions: Chew or dissolve tablets in your mouth. For children, crush tablets and sprinkle onto tongue.

Product Instructions for Use

Crisis Or Jump-Start Dosing: For more severe symptoms or to jump-start your treatment, you may safely increase dosage up to three times daily.

If You Forget A Dose: Take a regular dose as soon as you can and resume your regimen as normal.


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Alfalfa HPUS, Ambra grisea HPUS, Anacardium orientale HPUS, Argentum nitricum HPUS, Aurum metallicum HPUS, Avena sativa HPUS, Caladium seguinum HPUS, Calcarea carbonica HPUS, Cocculus indicus HPUS, Gelsemium sempervirens HPUS, Ignatia amara HPUS, Kali phosphoricum HPUS, Lycopodium clavatum HPUS, Natrum muriaticum HPUS, Nux moschata HPUS, Phosphoricum acidum HPUS, Phosphorus HPUS, Selenium metallicum HPUS, Sepia HPUS, Silicea HPUS, Sulphur HPUS

The letters “HPUS” indicate that the components in this product are officially monographed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States. Activive’s unique multi-potency formula contains three dilutions (10X, 30X, 200C) of each active homeopathic ingredient, in equal amounts, in one bottle. These active ingredients are stabilized in our fast-melt to help maximize absorption. Unlike most homeopathic medicine, Activive does not contain irritating alcohol and has no gluten added.

INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Advantol 300 (Copovidone, Crospovidone, Silicon Dioxide, Sorbitol), Lactose, Magnesium Stearate, Mannitol, Microcrystalline Cellulose

Symptoms Relieved by Ingredients

Side Effects: To mitigate the risk of negative side effects, Activive is prepared with a multi-dilutional process. The multi-faceted elements that Activive offers have been proven beneficial for many users in regard to individual response and sensitivity. The principle benefit of homeopathy, and Activive in particular, is the ability to experience safe symptom relief without the side effects commonly associated with other medications. Activive has no reported side effects or drug interactions.

cGMP Facility: As a homeopathic OTC product, Activive is manufactured in compliance with current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) standards.

Multi-Ingredient Homeopathic Blend: Traditionally, the homeopathic method of treatment has been characterized by a process of elimination in which individual ingredients and dilutions are used on a trial and error basis until an effective resolution is discovered. Activive helps reduce the need for guesswork by employing a broad approach to homeopathy so as to relieve symptoms in each individual. Administering a comprehensive a multi-ingredient, multi-potency formula, Activive provides a wide range of symptom relief, as opposed to standard homeopathic medicines using single ingredient at single potencies.

Method of Action: Similar to the way vaccines “teach” the body to resist a virus, the formulation of Activive is based upon an intrinsic body response known as the "Law of Similars". By selecting natural ingredients that mimic fatigue and related symptoms, Activive provides temporary relief for symptoms by helping build natural defenses to them. Through the traditional homeopathic process of dilution and potentization, these natural ingredients provide relief that’s both powerful and safe.

Product Questions

Activive is a natural OTC fast-melt formula with a multi-dilutional blend of 21 homeopathic ingredients for daily defense against fatigue and support of healthy, optimal energy levels.

Because the practice of homeopathy has had a long history of safe, effective use pre-dating the FDA, homeopathic products fall under a unique product category within their purview. Though the FDA does not “approve” homeopathic products, the FDA does oversee and regulate the homeopathic products including Activive. Activive is officially listed with the FDA, using only FDA-compliant, officially recognized Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States (HPUS) active ingredients, and is manufactured and packaged following the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP.)

Dosage: The following chart lists our recommended daily dose for average symptoms, based on weight. Depending on the duration and severity of your symptoms, your ideal dose may be slightly more or less than listed here:

Weight Daily Dosage Size
30-50 lbs (14 – 23 KG) 1/2 tablet twice daily
50+ lbs (23 KG) 1 tablet twice daily

After opening: Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight, along with prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

Directions: Chew or dissolve tablets in your mouth. For children, crush tablets and sprinkle onto tongue.

Product Instructions for Use

Crisis Or Jump-Start Dosing: For more severe symptoms or to jump-start your treatment, you may safely increase dosage up to three times daily.

If You Forget A Dose: Take a regular dose as soon as you can and resume your regimen as normal.

For daily defense against fatigue and related symptoms and optimal benefit, take Activive consistently twice a day – once in the morning, and once at night.

HelloLife uses high-dilution (OTC potency) homeopathic ingredients. According to NCCIH, "homeopathic remedies in high dilution, taken under supervision of trained professionals, are generally considered safe and unlikely to cause severe adverse reactions."

Though there is little evidence for it in clinical studies, some individuals express concern about a phenomenon called "homeopathic aggravation." According to homeopathic practitioners, this a rare side effect - occurring when a remedy is particularly well-matched to an individual - in which there is a temporary worsening of symptoms after beginning treatment with a homeopathic medicine. This effect is considered a good sign/ "positive proving" and is typically short-lived. If you believe you are experiencing homeopathic aggravation, we recommend halving your dose size until symptoms subside.

If you believe you are experiencing a rare side effect or allergic reaction to one of our homeopathic blends, please discontinue use, consult your healthcare professional immediately, and then contact our customer service department.

Activive is designed to work your body to relieve your symptoms.

For many individuals, results will be apparent within a few hours of the first dose. However, as with any medication, results can vary from person to person.

Because homeopathics tend to build in efficacy with time, some individuals with more severe symptoms may need longer to see results.

We encourage you to take Activive as recommended for a full 30 days before deciding whether Activive is right for you. If you cannot see improvement in the first 30 days, you are welcome to take advantage of our 60-day satisfaction guarantee and return the product. If you do see some improvement, however, we recommend that you stay with the program for 3-6 moths to receive the desired results. Please see our 60-day return guideline.

That will depend on the weight of the person Activive is intended for. The product’s dosage is given according to weight. A single bottle of Activive contains 60 fast-melt tablets. One bottle of Activive should last one adult or child over 50+lbs (23kg aprox.) approximately one month. For children under 50lbs (23 k), the recommended dosage is halved and one bottle will last approximately two months.

Each bottle of Activive is a one month supply for one person over 50 lbs (23kg). Children may need less. Individuals taking a “crisis” or “jump-start” dose, or multiple family members taking Activive may need more than one bottle per month.

Yes! Activive is OTC formulated for safe and effective symptom relief in adults and children over age 2 years.

The individual ingredients in Activive have claims based on the Homeopathic Materia Medica – a medical text describing observations based on clinical trials for hundreds of homeopathic ingredients. However, Activive has not been clinically tested as a composite formulation.

Homeopathics, like Activive, are known for their exceptional safety, and many of our customers do use Activive alongside other medications. Activive has no known drug interactions. However, as with consideration of any new diet, exercise regimen, supplement, or OTC treatment, we do recommend you consult your health care professional.

Activive is legally defined as an OTC homeopathic drug. However, Activive is quite different than what most people think of when they think of a drug. Activive relies on 100% natural active homeopathic ingredients and contains no harsh or risky synthetic ingredients. Activive works synergistically with your body to help build natural resistance to fatigue symptoms. Activive has no known side effects, and is non-habit forming.

The same Activive formula now made simpler


** The experiences expressed here may be from other variants of Activive and were provided freely without compensation. However, this feedback should not be taken as medical advice or assumed to convey FDA-verified health claims. As with any treatment, individual results may vary. Diet, activity level, environment, age, and symptom severity are all factors which may impact individual results. While we cannot guarantee your results, we DO guarantee 100% satisfaction with your first purchase. If you don’t love it – we’ll refund it!

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